Your home is mineMovie Ending Explained (In Detail)

Spoilers Alert:

In the new Netflix film YOUR HOME BELONGS TO ME A once influential businessman develops a remarkable talent for stalking due to his unemployment. But the end result is surprisingly lame. We reveal more about this in our review.

Javier forms bonds with Tomás’ family…

But instead of compensating for this major weakness of the film with much more subtle acting, David and Àlex Pastor try to solve this situation through their script. In “Your Home Belongs to Me” everything happens a little slower. And so Javier moves from A to B on his stalker tour at such a snail’s pace that at some point you lose interest in watching him carry out his diabolical plan. And this plan – at least compared to films with comparable content – is not as diabolical as Javier, who always looks so diabolical, promises. The path to the destination is also as straightforward as one can imagine; and also benefits from the fact that not only does chance come to Javier’s aid several times, but all the characters involved in the story also behave in a remarkably naive manner. Of course, this makes it particularly easy for the main character to get through with his plans. But the emotional fall height in “Your Home Belongs to Me” is correspondingly low. In terms of staging, cameraman Pau Castejón, who actually specializes in music videos, underlines the desolation of the content. The dreary gray-on-gray is able to reflect the emotional emptiness of the main character, but over three quarters of an hour it is ultimately rather tiring. It would just take something to keep the viewer engaged. But with “Your Home Belongs to Me,” Netflix is ​​once again distributing B-home cinema goods instead of sticking to quality. Somehow the streaming service’s infinite servers want to be filled.

Conclusion: According to the streaming service, “Your Home Is Mine” is a thriller drama. However, the Spanish production is far too boring for a thriller, but the character development remains too superficial for a drama. After so many extremely successful Netflix originals, this one is once again a real disappointment.

“Your Home Is Mine” is now available to stream on Netflix.

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