Why Don’t You Just Die! Ending Explained (In Detail)

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A guy wants to murder his girlfriend’s father, but he’s much tougher than expected. From this premise creates WHY DON’T YOU JUST DIE! very bloody fun. We’ll reveal in our review whether the gag will get old at some point.

What is going on here?

The plot summary

Take a quick breath, maybe a quick prayer, then jump into the cold water. Or: the doorbell ringing. The slight Matvey (Aleksandr Kuznetsov), secretly armed with a hammer, visits the bourgeois high-rise apartment of Andrey (Vitaliy Khaev), a brutal-looking police officer and father of Matvey’s girlfriend Olya (Evgeniya Kregzhde). Actually, it should be quick: smash your skull, run away. But first Andrey invites the intimidated Matvey in with rude but disarmingly determined hospitality, then his wife comes along and tea is offered. However, Matvey refuses to be lulled, and within a very short time the stuffy Moscow suburban apartment becomes a battlefield on which the opponents engage in a merciless, merciless battle to the death…

Why Don’t You Just Die! Movie Meaning

Whenever a film worth seeing from a cinema market that receives little attention in this country causes a sensation and the director is a hitherto unknown quantity, we in the film press make use of comparisons. When the contract killer chamber game “Killing Time” made its way to Germany, Florin Piersic Jr.’s pitch-black comedy thriller was favorably compared to Quentin Tarantino’s early work in positive reviews. The comparison was obvious, as the Romanian production is a work peppered with dialogues steeped in pop culture, in which two hitmen engage in a verbal battle while they wait to be able to do their work. The debut of the Russian director, author and editor Kirill Sokolov is also repeatedly compared to Tarantino’s beginnings. “Why Don’t You Just Die” primarily takes place in a single location and relies on malicious, fun bursts of violence. But where “Killing Time” is reminiscent of Tarantino because of the main characters and the dialogue, “Why Don’t You Just Die” awakens these associations through its narrative style: Sokolov celebrates his peaks of violence in a Tarantinoesque manner, in one second he grabs you with a short, brutal fight , in the other he relies on disgust by showing pain and suffering in detail, while in the next the escalation of violence is just fun.

Matvey’s (Aleksandr Kuznetsov) plan threatens to go wrong…

And Sokolov has something else in common with Tarantino if you want to force this comparison: the Russian film debutant seems to know very well what makes his target audience tick and therefore plays with expectations. At times he suggests in great detail and with mean joy where a scene could go, thus stirring up tension and leading us to the cathartic and painful “Ha! I knew this was coming! Oh shit, poor thing!” moment. And other times he pulls the rug out from under us with a flashback, a meaningful sentence or an unexpected sight. A few comparisons to Danny Boyle’s “Trainspotting” can also be found, not least because “Why Don’t You Just Die” sets the bar very high for the most disgusting movie bathroom of 2020. But there is also something Boyle-esque about the very kinetic style of this blood-soaked violent comedy, despite its limited film resources. In the end, however, you are only doing filmmakers like Sokolv a small favor if you immediately compare them to Tarantino as soon as they make a cool, brutal, smugly violent film. Sure, you’re creating an audience that’s supposed to gain curiosity and interest in a successful film that lacks star power and other clues. But it also unintentionally paints a picture of small filmmakers who only copy the big ones from the West anyway. And that’s simply not true.

“Why Don’t You Just Die” is very much its own beast. What starts out as if someone had made a brutal, witty short film always finds a reserve of energy thanks to Sokolov’s inventiveness. If after 15 minutes you think “Yeah, that was fun, but that won’t last for another 80 minutes,” Sokolov reshuffles the cards as he secretly prepares a new chain reaction of misadventures, improvised traps and deliberately semi-predictable weapons , which wants to be celebrated a few minutes later. Paired with brilliantly witty music and a few cool one-liners, “Why Don’t You Just Die” is a real feast for all fans of pointed violent escapades and sophisticated, silly rollercoaster rides full of mishaps and deceptions. An ideal film to watch with a large group and with lots of nibbles.

Conclusion: “Why Don’t You Just Die” is a sophisticated, bloody film from Russia that always surprises with new, evil ideas.

“Why Don’t You Just Die!” can be seen in selected USA cinemas from January 16th.

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