Water Movie Ending Explained (In Detail)

A film about a mystical avenger who punishes for sins and vices.


Sweet couple basks by the pool. A dark-skinned man, Daryl Brown (Big Brody), watches the lovemaking. He shakes his head in disapproval, remembering Miss Lian (Selena Villalobos) who was very kind to him. Unexpectedly, the mistress of the house returns, hurrying to please Frank (Lorenzo Lamaze) with the news of her pregnancy. She finds her husband with his mistress Denise (Audrey Beth) and rushes at him with a knife. They fall into the pool, only the unfaithful spouse gets out, the woman is dead. The criminal couple gets rid of the body, they dismember the corpse and burn it. Frank decides he doesn’t need witnesses and kills Denise. He pours the ashes of two victims into the water.

The next morning, the offender calls the police and reports the disappearance of the second half, Detective Jacobson (Adam Berardi) and assistant Samuels (Taylor Martin) interrogate the worried spouse. Law enforcement officials talk to Daryl, but he does not know anything.

A year later, the gardener is still taking care of the local area. The detective visits Frank and reveals that Miss Lian’s missing case is closed. His assistant and lover Jule (Kir Simonetta) reports a call from the insurance company, the man is entitled to an impressive payment. Frank and Jule are splashing in the pool and are suddenly pulled to the bottom. The water is stained with blood.

The next morning, Brown decides to refresh himself in an artificial pond, he experiences sweet sensations. Having come to his senses, the big man realizes that he was left without clothes.

Realtor Stan (Sanel Budlimik) and his companion arrive at a sinister mansion. The doves fell victim to a bloodthirsty entity. The detectives are interviewing Daryl, they found an abandoned car. The house becomes a love nest for another couple who can’t resist the urge to swim in the open air.

The Yates family, wife and daughter Danny, are delighted with the spacious estate, which comes with both a car and a helicopter. The baby, left unattended, falls into the pool and begins to drown, but an invisible “mermaid” pushes her to the surface. The mother of his wife, Vera Jow (Eliza Roberts), visits the new settlers, she asks to consecrate the dwelling. Mrs. Stephanie Yates (Tony L. Mitchell) notices something is wrong, the faucet in the kitchen is not turning off, the water is boiling, the lights are flickering. The head of the family (Kalyon Maston) invites Father Matthews (Terrell Metheny).

A priest arrives with a colorful appearance, who professes all religions at the same time. The strange holy father conducts rituals, but cannot cope with the dark force, from touching the water he falls and breaks his head. A message appears on the blood puddle: “Stay away.” Matthews stays overnight at the Yeats, and this becomes a fatal mistake, at night the evil spirits came for him.

The hero of Calion Maston calls the padre all day, suspecting that all is not well with the house. Jacobson is talking to Greg, he is looking for the holy father. Stephanie hands over the rosary found in the filter.

The head of the family notices that Danny is sitting by the pool and talking to someone. The girl says that this is her friend who lives in the water. Mr. Yates has an office romance with blonde Missy (Lindsey Lauren Welles) and is nearly caught by his wife. At night, he goes out into the yard, steps on a damp carpet, and the wet ball “flies” into his back. During a social dinner, Danny becomes ill, she saw her dad in the arms of a man. Greg has a relationship with Garrett Levin (David Glassman), who sponsors his project. Stephanie worries about her daughter and shares her worries with Becky (Amy Faith). Yates regrets that he adopted a child, they quarrel with his wife. The next morning, it turns out that Garrett is dead, a detective comes for Greg.

Danny constantly feels tired. In the evening, she finds her father with his mistress and grabs a knife. A man takes a dangerous object and takes his daughter to the nursery. Missy finds herself locked in a car that gradually fills with water. Greg grieves when he learns that the girl is dead. He gets drunk, evil spirits overtake him in the bathroom and kill the traitor.

Grandmother sees how her granddaughter walks on the water surface, the heroine Sophia Sovek looks like an adult woman. Vera sits on the edge of the pool, a liquid substance tells about all the murders. The gardener watches with a smirk as the old miss takes the girl away.

The meaning of the film

Director Phillip Penza reminds viewers of the mysterious component of a binary inorganic compound. He started from the theory that water has a memory. The ultimate atrocity has soaked the chemical down to its atoms. The liquid takes on a material shell, punishes adultery and does good deeds. Retribution is paid only to vicious natures, and they are attracted like a magnet by a secluded estate. The vengeful spirit is an indomitable element, and, despite the initial good intentions, an unintelligent child is under threat.

Pentz demonstrated how deceitful seeming family harmony can be, how many lies and deceit “registered” in human hearts.

Characteristics of the main characters

Daryl is a dark-skinned giant: good-natured, devoted to employers, hardworking. A simple man, without education, is not demanding and not conceited. He gives all the money for the treatment of his mother. She takes pity on the mistress when she learns of her husband’s infidelity. For him, landscaping, caring for plants is not just a job, he puts his soul into every flower.

Frank is lustful, cruel and merciless. After the murder of his wife, his hand did not tremble to cut down his mistress. Without remorse, he continued to live in the house where he committed a double crime.

Lian is a kind and caring woman. She took pity on her employee and was going to pay for his education at the institute. Became a vengeful ghost.

Greg is loving, has a connection with the opposite sex, and with the producer. Cynical, brings passion under the same roof with the missus. When my daughter started having health problems, he began to regret the adoption. In a difficult moment, he remembered his wife.

Stephanie is a loving mother and caring wife. The first felt the oddities that occur in the new home. Kind to the adoptive mother.

Jacobson and Samuels are not very successful detectives. Not distinguished by promptness, not a single disappearance of a person has been investigated. The policemen limited themselves only to warnings and, in addition to annoying visits, did not distinguish themselves in anything.

Danny is a sweet girl. Having made friends with evil spirits, he falls under its influence. He does not hide a strange friend, but his parents, preoccupied with their own problems, ignore the wake-up call.

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Horror movie without horror: sex, “dim” characters and slurred ending.

Pentz’s painting is a unique work – it is difficult to praise it for something. An interesting, but not original, idea of ​​an omnipotent liquid was let down by clumsy execution. From the first frames, there is a strong feeling that the viewer was mistakenly turned on a movie for adults, there are plenty of intimate scenes and nudity, and these episodes do not carry any semantic load and do not serve as decoration for the tape. Numerous dialogues are empty and boring, they do not turn out to be the necessary threads that reveal the characters or the motives for their actions. The theme of adoption is paraded, which is not beaten in any way, if the child was a native, this did not affect the disclosure of the plot in any way.

The work of the operator deserves a negative assessment: inappropriate close-ups and an attempt to simulate the realism of what is happening completely failed. “Washed out” special effects do not give rise to sharp emotions, the appearance of an ominous entity seemed like a parody of the main villain from “The Call”. The illogical behavior of the characters is the final touch of a failed horror film. The facial expressions of the actors do not change, with the same facial expression they depict fear, anger, grief or love.

The ending of the picture is no less bewildering. “Granny of the Year” rescues a girl from a dangerous place, leaving her mother in the dark. The creepy grin on the face of the black worker looks very promising.

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