Trolls World Tour Movie Ending Explained (In Detail)

Spoilers Alert:

The sequel to the animated hit “Trolls” was actually supposed to be one of the cinema highlights of the spring. But now boarded TROLLS 2: TROLLS WORLD TOUR just the domestic streaming providers. We’ll reveal in our review whether this is a good idea.

Villain Queen Barb (Rachel Bloom) is – of course – a rocker.

Although the film primarily propagates that the world only becomes truly colorful through the diversity of musical styles, the selection of the antagonist also brings clichés that are actually believed to be dead. Admittedly, we can imagine a reggae musician to be just as unthreatening as the yodelers who put on a short but memorable performance. But with her mostly black hair, the dark make-up and the leather outfit, “Trolls 2” ascribes significantly more menace to a music genre that is already image-stricken than is appropriate – even if you can certainly understand it for purely creative reasons. Ultimately, Barb and her entourage seem somehow out of place in the colorful world of trolls. As in the first part, this is once again full of creative ideas and attention to detail. I particularly like the look, which is based on pop-up books. Even the excessive use of glitter gives the world its recognition value, supported by the diverse character design, which is even more unusual than in its predecessor due to the sheer number of characters. This time it’s not just about Poppy and her community, but also about the many trolls from the countless neighborhoods. The design for each of them is absolutely stunning – it would certainly have looked really good in the cinema…

Conclusion: “Trolls 2: Trolls World Tour” takes on the important message that every feeling and every mood has its place in life in a largely superficial but entertaining way. The makers also use clichés, but once again present a wonderfully animated world in which you can get lost wonderfully.

“Trolls 2: Trolls World Tour” will be available to stream in United Kingdom from April 23rd.

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