The Words Movie Ending Explained (In Detail)


Rory Jensen makes big plans in his work, he is happy in his personal life. Trying not to depend on his wealthy father, the young man gets a job at a publishing house, joining the ranks of unrecognized writers. He dreams of publishing his book, but there is no chance.

In an old briefcase bought in Paris, there were yellowed pages of the novel. He liked the hero so much that he gave it to the publishing house, calling himself its creator.

The dizziness of success does not last long: the author appears, once a young man with the makings of a writer. Now this is a deep old man, he was beautifully played by Jeremy Irons. The newly minted pseudo-writer sees himself in the true light and realizes that he did something terrible. He tries to correct the mistake, but the lie has spread widely beyond his little world.

The meaning of the film

Writers’ fates stand before our eyes. They are different in their manifestation. The first of them is real, but not held. The second is fake, but famous. The third is a master of the pen, who has reached the pinnacle of the writer’s Olympus.

“In this life, we make choices,” says Clay Hammond.

We have seen how important it is to think carefully before taking this or that step. Poor decisions lead to frustration and loss. The range is wide: a former soldier who became a gardener, forever lost not only his beloved woman, but also himself. While a mediocre writer, remaining a prisoner of his own desires, in the depths of his soul despises himself for cowardice, which does not allow the truth to be revealed to the world.

How many people, so many opinions. Everyone will understand the film based on their experience. Someone will see problems in the field of literature, someone will be hooked by difficult family relationships, some will focus on the pangs of conscience. But if there is no honesty, any relationship will collapse, because a vile act, like rust, corrodes from the inside of the person himself and spreads to everyone who lives next to him.

Characteristics of heroes

The heroes of the man are in constant search and reflection, in striving forward. But who prevented a young journalist, after losing his work, from sitting down again and trying to restore his memories in his memory? So no, he was completely lost in his experiences. Further. Didn’t the unfortunate writer understand, releasing someone else’s work under his own name, that he was doing evil? He was unable to control his desires.

The characters are very different in character and temperament, which is catchy:

  1. A calm and confident elderly novelist played by Dennis Quaid, who is in control of himself and his feelings. His philosophy is simple: if you make a mistake, you should not sprinkle ashes on your head, with whom it does not happen! Live on. And it is better if this happens in a large comfortable house. By the way, only his home is shown in all its glory: two-story apartments in the center of New York will impress many. It can be assumed from his judgments that he thought well before doing something, unlike his “colleagues in the shop”. He is not burdened by family ties, but we have not received an answer to the question of why he wears the ring.
  2. Danielle, played by Olivia Wilde, clearly wanted to seduce this monster of the writer’s front, but even when heated by wine, he stops halfway through without explaining why. Perhaps, like an old seasoned wolf, he sensed the danger coming from this beautiful and tastefully dressed young woman. Further events are shrouded in darkness.
  3. In contrast to the purposeful graduate student, the rest of the female images are simple and understandable in nature. Putting love and family relationships at the forefront, they faithfully serve their husbands, trying to support them in any undertakings in writing. How touchingly the heroine, played by an African-American actress, takes care of her husband. This is Dora Jensen, whose real name is Zoe Soldana. She is full of ambitious plans, ready to move into a spacious new apartment, when her husband confesses to plagiarism. And she also faces a choice: live in a lie, but in comfort, or forgive and still part with the person who committed the mean act, thereby betraying their pure relationship.

We see the end of the relationship between the heroes of the third row: the casual acquaintance of a soldier and a waitress in a Parisian cafe became a landmark: they got married and began to live together. The tests began immediately after the birth of the girl, because she turned out to be sick, cried a lot and did not allow her to concentrate on the literary field. Celia, played by Nora Arnezeder, was a very good mother and was so attached to the child that she could not bear her death: she went to her mother. For a while, her husband thought that everything was getting better, but he receives another blow of fate. He will not be able to recover: his brainchild, a novel that was born over many days and nights, disappeared.

The scriptwriters placed the future best-selling author in the dirtiest place in Paris that could be found – underground sewer systems with an unbearable stench and explained his joyful state at the same time as a young age. By the way, English actor Benjamin Barnes did a good job with this role.


The idea of ​​stealing someone else’s life attracted not only American directors. In 2015, the French film “The Ideal Man” was released, in which the main character finds the memoirs of an Algerian soldier and, having appropriated them, achieves recognition. Despite the fact that the author of the manuscript has already died, the retribution for the deceit is inevitable. After all, one little lie gives birth to another and turns into a snowball. It comes down to murder.


After reviewing the “Words”, you remain thoughtful. We never learned the name of a man who perfectly described his life, embodied it in a novel, but saw him in a bookstore under a false name.

The drama deserves attention already by the fact that it raises the burning questions of our existence. Observing the lives of other people allows us to know ourselves more deeply, to evaluate our actions and the actions of others.

The picture is relevant to those who like to reflect on life and are trying to find themselves. There are no scenes of violence and cruelty in it, so you can watch the whole family.

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