The Possessed Movie Ending Explained (In Detail)

Spoilers Alert:

Was in the USA THE POSSESSED highly controversial due to its supposed badness. Nevertheless, it should still have its theatrical release in United Kingdom. Whether that will actually happen is still up in the air at the moment. But we’ll reveal what you can expect in our review.

Will Kate get to the bottom of the eerie events?

No matter how flat-chested “The Possessed” may be in terms of narrative and no matter how annoying (and lazy) the countless jump scares may be, the furnishings of the huge Fairchild estate alone are actually worth risking a look at the film. Albeit cameraman David Ungero (“A Prayer Before Dawn”) is sometimes slowed down by the external circumstances (ergo: the constantly prevailing darkness), the attention to detail put into the interior of the house is absolutely magnificent. As a backdrop for a more successful film, this set piece, which can only hold a candle to the country house from “Knives Out” in recent times, would be an absolute gift. But as it is, it sometimes steals the show even from the actors. Mackenzie Davis (“Terminator: Dark Fate”) is hardly required in her figure, which is reduced to fear and terror. The two young actors Finn Wolfhard (“It – Chapter 1”) and Brooklynn Prince (“The Florida Project”) make a more passable figure. Barbara Marten (“Sanctuary”) Meanwhile, she probably has the most fun as the creepy-looking housekeeper and adapts to the ominous atmosphere with her even more ominous acting. A few nice highlights in an otherwise highlight-poor film.

Conclusion: As expected, “The Possessed” is definitely not one of the worst films of all time. The fantastic furnishings and Barbara Marten as the nasty housekeeper alone save him from this. At the same time, director Floria Sigismondi simply uses far too many uninspired clichés to deliver even a halfway solid horror film. It’s a shame – the potential would have been there.

“The Possessed” is scheduled to hit USA cinemas this year.

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