The Pope’s Exorcist Ending Explained (In Detail)

The movie is based on the possession of people by evil spirits and ways to fight it. The key character is an experienced exorcist who has been officially engaged in this activity for many years.

Plot Summary

A family from America consisting of a mother (played by Alexandra Essoe), a son and a daughter faces financial difficulties. Because of this, they decide to move to Spain, because there they have an inheritance – an ancient monastery, formerly belonging to one of the abbeys.

The building is not only abandoned and requires major repairs, but also harbors some kind of “Evil”. As a result, a demonic entity becomes possessed in a boy (Peter DeSouza-Feighony) who is in a deplorable psychological state after the head of the family leaves them. The insidious creature has its own, far-reaching, goals.

Unpleasant first suspected the local holy father. His role played by Daniel Dzovatto. Previously, he supervised the abbey. As soon as he realized that the “Evil” broke free, he sent a letter directly to the Vatican.

The main expert on the expulsion of evil spirits there is Gabriel Amorth. This role went to the famous actor Russell Crowe. He regularly reports on his work before a special commission in the church. The character of Gabriel is heavy. Exorcist can sass, flirt with nuns or tell a “lewd” joke.

That said, Amorth does his job admirably. Especially considering that most of the cases when people ask for his help are not real manifestations of obsession. 90% of those who come to the church with such problems are simply suffering from mental illness.

After enlisting the support of the Pope himself, Gabriel heads to Spain to investigate a new case. It is his demon that awaits him.

The meaning of the movie The Pope’s Exorcist

Gabriel Amorth is an influential and weighty figure. After all, he conducted a huge number of exorcism rites.

When viewing it is well seen that the image was not made up, but written off a real person. It is around him that the main plot of the movie is twisted, and not at all around the possessed guy. As a result, viewers can see the realities of that time. The character of those people who at that time were struggling hard with “demons”. These are not perfectly “spiritually enlightened” people, but ordinary people. With their vices and weaknesses.

It is worth noting that in the film all the oddities associated with the boy’s behavior are initially perceived precisely as mental deviations. And only the mother eventually realizes that something strange is happening to her son and decides to turn to the priest. Thus, in the movie the director tried to show that one should not categorically deny some things that initially seem fantastic. If a person does not believe in something, it does not mean that it does not exist.

The movie can not be called banal. After all, the main character stands out noticeably against the background of other clergymen. And even constant “catch-ups” do not frighten him. The director also helps viewers to understand the real reason for the appearance of “Evil” in the abbey, as well as to get acquainted with local folklore.

This is not quite the usual “horror movie” with the usual frightening elements – demons, ominous houses, “sinister” voices, etc. The main goal is to show the church “kitchen” from the inside, to understand the origins of the problems that can oppress a person, to see that everyone can and should be helped. And, of course, to reach a happy ending.

Characterization of heroes

Gabriel Amorth is a clergyman with a rather heavy character. Nothing human is alien to him. He does not believe that all cases of demonic possession are real. He is well aware that, most often, this is due to psychological disorders.

Father Eskbel is Amorth’s frequent companion. He is ready to help him in any non-standard situation and deal with the paranormal phenomenon. At the same time, this young priest is experiencing a crisis of faith.

The demon played by actor Ralph Eineson is the main enemy of the Pope. Physically he does not appear, but his voice with “notes of threat” is heard in those moments when he takes over the body of his next victim.

Julia is the mother of a family whose son is possessed by a demon. This is an important enough character, because she represents the fears of man. It is with them that Gabriel fights all his life.

Henry is a demon-possessed boy who has serious mental problems. This condition is the reason why the demon chose his body.


The character of the main character of this movie, unlike many others filmed in this genre, is not “template”. Crowe perfectly reveals the essence of human nature, regardless of his status.

To call the movie a classic “horror” is difficult. After all, there is a mixture of “horror”, religion, psychology and not only. This movie can be rewatched repeatedly, each time finding new details.

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