The Lobster Movie Ending Explained (In Detail)

The Lobster is a 2015 film directed by Yorgos Lanthimos.

The director managed to establish himself as a master of creating strange, dystopian worlds, having previously won at the Cannes Film Festival in the Un Certain Regard program with the film Fang, as well as an Oscar nomination for the film The Favourite.


The plot of the dystopia unfolds in the near future. At the state level, it was decided that a person is obliged to live in a pair. It doesn’t matter if you’re homo or heterosexual. If a person is divorced, widowed, or simply has not found a match for himself by a certain age, he is placed in a special hotel, where, within 45 days, he must find a partner from the guests placed there for the same purpose.

If, at the end of the stay, the guest does not select a partner for himself, he is disposed of, turning into any animal of his choice. The hero of Colin Farrell – David, chose a lobster if everything goes as badly for him as his brother, who became his brother’s pet dog.

You can extend your stay at the hotel by getting trophies on the “hunt”, which are people who do not want to live together – “loners”.

Loners went into the forest, forming an alternative society there, in which loneliness is considered the highest value. Here everyone is for himself. Any relationship is forbidden – even friendships are not encouraged.

Each member of the loners has a grave dug in the forest. If he falls ill, is wounded, feels near death – you need to get there on your own, lie down and cover yourself with earth, including your face – so as not to become prey to dogs.

From the hotel to the camp of loners, those who have not found a mate periodically run away, but the prospect of turning into an animal does not suit them.

The protagonist in the “hunt” is not lucky – for the entire time of his stay, he did not shoot a single “lonely” in the forest. The prospect of being scrapped inexorably looms. He decides to find a mate in any way – even among those who obviously do not suit him.

One of these guests is a heartless woman (the heroine of Angelica Papulia), who stays in the hotel the longest – 163 days. A lucky hunter who knows no pity, lacks empathy, loves to inflict pain and suffering. David tries to pretend to be the right match for her. Attempts to present himself as an insensitive and cynical scumbag, despite the help of acquired buddies – lame John (Ben Whishaw) and lisping Robert (John S. Reilly), did not lead to success.

When the “heartless” kicks brother David to death in the body of a dog, the hero decides to escape into the forest – to a group of singles.

Here he falls in love with a nearsighted woman (Rachel Weisz). But according to the rules of singles, you can’t love.

The meaning of the film

Like most dystopias, the film, first of all, clearly shows how any good idea can be taken to the point of absurdity. And here the road to hell is paved with “good intentions”.

State foundations based on conservative principles have been reduced to ridiculous rules. A law-abiding citizen is in fear of severe punishment for loneliness.

The opposition, which allegedly advocates the right of people to live solo, in fact strictly regulates and tramples on the rights and freedoms of its adherents. The leader (Lea Seydoux) is loyal only as long as her demands are unquestioningly met. In case of disobedience, she severely punishes the guilty.

Liberalism – the superiority of the individual over the majority, in the lone camp is brought to the point of absurdity, while strict rules still apply, which are painful and merciless.

Characteristics of heroes

  • David is a soft, insecure person;
  • A heartless woman is an insensitive person with sadistic tendencies;
  • Lame John – obsessed with his physical handicap, ready to deceive for the sake of creating a couple;
  • Lisping Robert is an ugly, clumsy, elderly man who understands that he is unlikely to find a companion;
  • The leader is an orthodox loner. Asexual;
  • A near-sighted woman is pretty, feminine, with soft features.


The film is a criticism of modern society, where its liberal and conservative parts go to great extremes and it is difficult for a normal person to survive anywhere.

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