Raven the Little Rascal Review (In Detail)

Spoilers Alert:

In his third screen adventure Raven the Little Rascal (de. Der kleine Rabe Socke) The cheeky poultry goes on an adventurous treasure hunt together with two friends in order to then become the king of the forest. The child-friendly animated film also impresses in the third round with a lot of heart and exquisite picture book optics. We reveal more about this in our review.

Looking forward to the forest festival together: Mrs Badger (voice: Anna Thalbach), Bunny Spoon and the little fox.

The plot summary

The little raven Socke (Jan Delay) and his animal friends are given the task of cleaning up in the forest by Mrs. Badger (Anna Thalbach). Only when everyone gets involved can they celebrate a big party together at the end. The fox distributes the tasks and puts Sock in a team with the little badger (Nellie Thalbach). But the two are not yet sufficiently coordinated in their work. What has to happen comes and Socke causes a lot of chaos again, whereupon Mrs. Badger forces him to clean up the attic of her house. Socke discovers an old treasure map that many, many years ago sent Grandpa Badger (Dieter Hallervorden) on an adventurous mission from which he never returned. Without further ado, Sock, little badger and Eddi Bear (Ulrich Smandek) go on an adventurous journey and try to find the mysterious treasure, because supposedly the finder of the treasure will become the king of the forest…

Raven the Little Rascal Review

The children’s book series “The Little Raven Socke” by illustrator Annet Rudolph and author Nele Moost has thrilled children of kindergarten and primary school age since 1996 and the first volume “Alles meins!”. Since 2012, the adventures of the cheeky bird with a red and white striped sock on his left foot have been regularly shown on screen. “The Little Raven Socke” and “The Little Raven Socke – The Big Race” became popular successes in this country and now lead to the next part with “The Little Raven Socke: Search for the Lost Treasure”. The basic ingredients are identical: the wonderful picture book look is retained, as is the very clear (and therefore particularly child-friendly) playing time and the absolutely harmless but also a little exciting plot here and there. This time, Socke and his friends go on an absolutely entertaining treasure hunt, as a result of which the comrades grow even closer together and recognize the value of true friendship. It’s nice to take your children with you to a film like this.

Raven Socke (voice: Jan Delay) wants to become king of the forest.

In the first 15 minutes we get to know Socke once again as probably the cheekiest fellow in the animal kingdom, who is only too happy to impose his own will and whose charm no one can escape. For the protagonist of a children’s film or book, Socke has always been a remarkable character and not one of those smooth-talking model protagonists. That’s pleasing – especially because there is someone in the resolute but thoroughly lovable Mrs. Badger who confronts the cheeky Sock with his misbehavior resulting from carelessness and lack of consideration and doesn’t shy away from punishment. This raven sock is already a rascal, but should never incite children to commit outrages or the like. That’s exactly what makes the “Raven the Little Rascal” series so incredibly likeable. The characters and screen events are taken from life and, by the way (ergo: without raising the finger), are always educationally valuable. At the moment there is hardly anything better, especially on the German children’s and family film market.

The adventure itself is a bit like a classic road movie. Sock, Eddi Bear and little badger use the treasure map to move from clue to clue, sometimes have to cross a raging river over a dilapidated bridge (the most exciting stage of the journey), then take on common beavers and then discover something at the end of their journey another very special surprise. The imagery remains consistently colorful; Even the Beaver Brothers, who tend to find themselves on the side of the “bad guys,” are primarily annoying, but are never developed into truly sinister adversaries. So even in the most exciting moments it becomes briefly exciting, but never so much that even the little ones can’t follow the adventure spellbound. An all-round successful affair for young and old, which also dispenses with any modern frills such as pop culture references and such nonsense.

Conclusion: “Raven the Little Rascal – In Search of the Lost Treasure” is an enchanting animated adventure for all ages.

“Raven the Little Rascal – In Search of the Lost Treasure” can be seen in USA cinemas from December 12th.

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