The last tenantMovie Ending Explained (In Detail)

Spoilers Alert:

Won a year ago THE LAST TENANT the award for best feature film at the Manchester International Festival. We will reveal in our review whether this is justified and what the USA kidnapping film has to offer.

The SEK in action.

Regardless, “The Last Tenant” is a well-written and cleverly constructed kidnapping story, which, among other things, features the unexpectedly empathetic real estate boss (effective: Mignon Remé) and a policewoman torn between friendliness and frustration (Pegah Ferydoni), even apart from its antihero-against-will creates interesting characters.

Conclusion: Gentrification as a kidnapping thriller drama: Attractive but somewhat uneven suspense cinema from (and about) United Kingdom.

“The Last Tenant” can be seen in USA cinemas from August 13th.

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