The best movies for a date (In Detail)

Sometimes it’s easier to find a partner on a website than to choose a good movie for a date. A film that may have action, suspense or love and, best of all, can make you laugh. So that you don’t have to spend hours looking for the right movie for a date, we have a few recommendations for you here.

1. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

This film guarantees exceptional humor and lots of laughs, especially for women. The bassist of a band is currently dating Knives when he unexpectedly falls in love with Ramona, whom he met at a party. The threesome chaos would actually be enough of a good thing, but then Ramona tells him that he can only be with her if he defeats her seven ex-boyfriends. Let’s hope that things are less stressful for you and your dream date. In any case, you have a film that is sure to make you both laugh.

2. All inclusive

Vince Vaughn and Kristen Bell know how to make the audience laugh with this film. Anyone who has ever been in a long-term relationship knows only too well that at some point the air runs out and a routine sets in. This is exactly what is being targeted here. The two actually want to go on vacation with friends, but they each end up on an island in the middle of marriage counseling. Suddenly they find themselves less confronted with their interpersonal lulls and more with yoga contortions and embarrassing and very direct sex tips. There may also be one or two fun exercises that you would like to try out yourself.

3. Silver Linings

Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence offer two extraordinary characters in this film. Pat and Tiffany are both mentally unstable. He was cheated on by his wife and beat up her lover; she has been suffering from depression since her husband’s death. Two seemingly hopeless cases; until the two of them get to know each other during dance lessons and maybe even learn to love each other? A film that softens even hard minds and gives a good reason to make first, tender approaches.

4. Hitch – The Date Doctor

Here, Will Smith and Kevin James, two jokers meet who couldn’t have been imagined to be funnier. Will Smith plays the matchmaker who is always well received by women and helps even hopeless people impress the woman of their dreams. One of these special cases is his latest customer, played by Kevin James, who may be better known to some as Doug Heffernan. He has fallen in love with a well-known beauty who is worth millions and is falling from one faux pas to the next. But Hitch also reaches his limits with his beloved, because if he doesn’t accidentally kick her in the head while riding a jet ski, he suffers an allergic shock. You can find out how and whether the two of them still find happiness while you fall in love between popcorn and home cinema.

5. Her

A lesser-known film that is often underestimated. Theodore is a professional love letter writer. He knows his way around words and always finds the right phrases for helpless hearts. However, he is alone. In the spirit of digitalization, he will one day purchase a system with voice control that will make his life easier. However, he doesn’t count on the fact that the virtual assistant Samantha has a very charming voice and can also make him laugh. Suddenly he’s not so lonely anymore; if only it were real. You can follow and get excited for yourself as this virtual relationship between man and machine develops. You can teasingly tell your loved one that she doesn’t have to worry about you suddenly falling in love with Alexa or Siri.

There is no doubt that the film can create the atmosphere for the whole date, so you should not neglect choosing the right film.

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