Soul to Keep Movie Ending Explained (In Detail)

If you like thrillers and horrors, then the film “To the Last Soul” will not leave you indifferent.

This is a story about a group of friends who decide to spend the weekend in an old house that one of them inherited from his grandfather. But instead of fun and relaxation, a nightmare and death await them.


In the basement of the house, they find a strange book in Latin, which turns out to be an ancient grimoire – a book of black magic. One of the girls, Tara, who knows the language, decides to read a few spells aloud, unaware that by doing so she summons the evil demon Baal-Berit. The demon wants to capture the souls of everyone present and use them for his own purposes. Friends will have to fight for their lives and salvation in this hellish trap.

The meaning of the film

The film “To the Last Soul” raises questions about faith, destiny, choice and responsibility. What values ​​do we have in life? What are we willing to do for our loved ones? How do we treat our soul?

This movie is about the fact that sometimes the worst horrors are those that we create ourselves.

Characteristics of heroes

The participants in the tape are typical representatives of youth culture: they like to have fun, drink, smoke and not think about the consequences of their actions. They do not believe in the existence of the devil and believe that the book in Latin is just an old artifact that can be used for entertainment. However, they soon realize that they were wrong and that they will have to pay for their frivolity. Each of them has their strengths and weaknesses, their secrets and fears that the demon uses against them. Among them are:

  • Erin is a deaf and mute girl who is the main character of the film. She has fortitude and courage, as well as the ability to foresee the future. She is trying to save her friends from the demon and survive this nightmare.
  • Josh is Erin’s brother and heir to the house in which the events of the film take place. He is the leader of the company and the most responsible of all. He takes care of his sister and tries to protect her from danger.
  • Brad is Josh’s friend and business partner. He is the most cynical and skeptical of all. He does not believe in demons and believes that all this is someone’s joke or setup. He is also prone to infidelity and alcoholism.
  • Tara is Brad’s friend. The most fun of all. She loves to joke and have fun, as well as flirt with other guys. She doesn’t take her encounter with the demon seriously and thinks it’s part of the game.
  • Grace is Josh’s friend and the most religious of them all. She believes in God and prays for the salvation of her friends. She also knows Latin and helps translate the spellbook.
  • Brandon is Grace’s friend. The quietest of all. He is a computer genius and a hacker who can break into any system. He also has a secret connection with Tara, which he hides from everyone.

Until the last soul (Soul to Keep), 2018


“To the Last Soul” has many references to classic horror films such as The Evil Dead, Book of the Dead, The Conjuring and more.

It also uses some of the genre’s famous tropes, such as an abandoned house, an ancient book, a demonic presence, and a group of young people who fall prey to their curiosity and unreason. But this is not a copy, but a new look. The picture is distinguished by its social overtones and attention to detail. The movie touches on the themes of faith, family, friendship, love and self-sacrifice. A variety of characters and their cultural characteristics are shown.

One of the main characters, Tara, is a deaf girl who communicates with gestures. This not only makes the film more realistic and emotional, but also adds symbolism and metaphor to it.

The film also contains many interesting details and hidden meanings that can be noticed upon re-watching. For example, the creature’s name Baal-Berit means “god of covenant” or “god of agreement”, reflecting his ability to make deals with people for their souls. Also in the tape, this phrase is pronounced by one of the characters before he tries to stop evil spirits.


“To the Last Soul” is a gripping and tense horror thriller that will keep you entertained. The picture will delight fans of the genre with its unexpected plot twists, the atmosphere of fear and anxiety, as well as the excellent acting of the actors.

I would especially like to mention Sandra May Frank, who played the main role of Tara. This is her debut film, and she handled it at the highest level. Her character is the most interesting and complex in the picture, and she skillfully conveys his emotions and motives.

The picture also deserves attention for its originality and originality. Directors David Allensworth and Moniret were able to create a unique image of Baal-Berit, which is different from the usual clichés.

In addition, the picture has an interesting feature – it is fully equipped with sign language for deaf viewers.

“Soul to Keep” is a movie that will make you think about your life and soul, as well as experience a lot of emotions and sensations. If you want to watch something unusual and exciting, then this is the tape for you.

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