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In the musical tragicomedy So Viel Zeit Jan Josef Liefers, as the washed-up rock star Rainer, tries to get his band together again, which has long since fallen apart. He doesn’t have much time for that. We’ll reveal in our review whether the film is more than just another friendly Ruhrpott homage.

The Plot Summary

Sex & Dr*gs & Rock ‘n’ Roll? No, Rainer’s (Jan Josef Liefers) life is not at all the way he dreamed of as a young man. He’s bored with his job, his wife has left him and his son would have liked a better dad. There is also one thing that Rainer really screwed up in his life: 30 years ago he ruined the breakthrough of his band “Bochums Steine” on an open stage. His bandmates Bulle (Armin Rohde), Konni (Matthias Bundschuh), Thomas (Richy Müller) and especially Ole (Jürgen Vogel) have never forgiven him for this. That haunts him to this day. As if all that wasn’t enough, his doctor tells him that he doesn’t have long to live. End of announcement? On the contrary. Rainer decides to give it his all again and takes off. He wants to do one thing right in his life: the comeback of “Bochums Steine”! But how will his old bandmates and the manager at the time (André M. Hennicke) react to the suggestion? Can Rainer convince her that it’s never too late to live your dream? He has nothing left to lose. And contrary to expectations, life is suddenly on Rainer’s side again…

Movie explanation of the ending

Four novels by Bochum author Frank Goosen have already been adapted for USA cinema: “Learning to lie down” in 2003, “Radio Heimat” in 2016, “Summer Festival” a year later and now “So much time”. All templates are united by local patriotism for the Ruhr area; Goosen’s stories are always a declaration of love for his homeland and capture this very special atmosphere in a charming and honest way, somewhere between transfiguration and a sincere examination of the quirks and peculiarities of the Ruhrpott residents. But you have to be honest: slowly but surely the motifs repeat themselves. How fitting is it that the musical tragicomedy “So Much Time” is no longer primarily about where the story takes place, but more about who is being treated in it. Philipp Kadelbach’s charming mix of comedy and drama, road movie and concert film could just as easily be set in any other USA territory. The characters are crucial. And with them, but especially with their cast, Kadelbach, who is currently responsible for the acclaimed TV series “Perfume”, hits the mark, which makes it easy to get over the bumpy finale and minor narrative banalities.

Rainer (Jan Josef Liefers) takes his son with him to rehearsals.

The title “So Viel Zeit” is of course not to be taken literally, because the main character Rainer actually has no time left. The fact that the progressive cancer, which only leaves him a few weeks to live, encourages him to enjoy life to the fullest in his final days is a common tragicomedy tradition; Less common and predictable, however, is the balancing act that screenwriter Stefan Kolditz performs right from the start (“Paula”)Thomas Sieben (“Crazy about Fixi”) and Malte Welding (“SMS for you”) choose when characterizing them. With Rainer he creates an ambivalent character who, on the one hand, wants to spend time with her son, but on the other hand also finally wants to tour with his old rocker colleagues again. This moral ambivalence also challenges the audience: This Rainer is quite an egoist, so that it is understandable at any time that his wife and mother of his son (Dorkas Kiefer) once separated from him. At the same time, he always acts self-sacrificingly in the moments with his child, so you don’t have to look far for Rainer’s good core. And ultimately, it is above all the exceptional emotional situation in which he finds himself that encourages him to heal old wounds and makes him think back to what he used to love and no longer does today. In addition to spending time with his son, this also includes time with his band “Bochums Steine”.

The fact that this Rainer is still a popular figure at all times is primarily due to Jan Josef Liefers (“The Puberty”), which credibly brings the audience closer to being emotionally torn. But it’s not just delivery that’s strong. It is the entire ensemble that impresses not only with its contrasts and lively chemistry with each other, but above all with the casting itself. Jürgen Vogel forms alongside Liefers (“The Iceman”)Armin Rohde (“Salvation”)Matthias Bundschuh (“We are the new ones”) and Richy Müller (“The Black Brothers”) “Bochum’s Stones” is made up of five remarkable character types, whose authentic interaction makes the film stand or fall. But it’s not just the band that shines. Dorkas Kiefer plays prominent supporting roles (“Toilet Stories”)Laura Tonke (“Two in the Wrong Movie”)Alwara Höfels (“My devilishly good friend”)André M. Hennicke (“Hot dog”) and Jeanette Hain (“Class reunion 1.0”) to see who fill the Ruhrpott types, who are once again represented in large numbers, with life and ensure that the film, which is sometimes weak due to its sometimes arbitrary plot, still remains likeable at all times.

Rainer meets his former band members in a bar.

In terms of the story alone, “So Viel Zeit” unfortunately doesn’t do much differently than similar tragicomedies. The course of the story, with all its ups and downs as well as the various stations that have to be covered on such a journey, is largely predetermined from the beginning: Rainer recruits his former friends, there is a lot of time to finally express himself, and incidentally put things together He also has a relationship with his wife and child and so in the end all concerns can somehow be reconciled. The ending is particularly irritating, as it stands in complete contrast to the credibility that has prevailed to date; Here those responsible simply wanted too much of a happy ending for too short a period of time. At least this gives you another opportunity to enjoy the music. Not only does it have a lot of catchy potential, it also fits the guys who perform it like a glove. A stylish guest appearance by the “Scorpions” is a formality.

Conclusion: “So Viel Zeit” is a likeable tragicomedy about a few friends who get together again after a long time to make music. This sometimes goes in a formulaic direction, but the great acting and unconventionally cast of the main actors can compensate for this most of the time.

“So Viel Zeit” can be seen in USA cinemas from November 22nd.

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