Rate Your DateMovie Ending Explained (In Detail)

Spoilers Alert:

Finding true love via online dating is not easy. So why not develop your own app to avoid constant disappointment? That’s exactly what Alicia von Rittberg and Marc Benjamin try to do in the big city romantic comedy RATE YOUR DATE. We’ll reveal in our review whether it worked.

The Plot Summary

A smartphone app that allows the user to rate their romantic dates – that would be a great idea to protect yourself and others from disappointment in advance. Teresa (Alicia von Rittberg) and Patricia (Nilam Farooq), who are disillusioned with their love lives, have this idea. When they meet the programmer Anton (Marc Benjamin) and his extremely rich friend Paul (Edin Hasanovic), the whole thing is quickly put into action. First of all, the new app is a huge success and does exactly what the quartet had hoped for. But young people soon have to realize that categorizing people as #Crazybitch, #Heartbreaker, #Hunter or #Sextremist doesn’t only have positive sides…

Movie explanation of the ending

After the episodic and ensemble farce “Safari – Match Me If You Can”, which has a similar premise, here comes another online rom-com from USA studios that is crudely tailored to a young audience. In the press release the film is written by director and author David Dietl (“Berlin Bouncer”) as “modern comedy about the impossibility of love in times of infinite digital possibilities” announced. It sounds as if in 2019 it would be impossible to meet your life partner or just a nice person in any way other than social media and dating apps. This is exactly what the beautiful new city world of “Rate Your Date” really looks like. Which is, of course, absurd, quixotic nonsense.

Teresa (Alicia von Rittberg) and Anton (Marc Benjamin) get closer.

Building an entire film on such a weak foundation and conceiving its characters and their actions almost predetermines failure in terms of credibility and relatability. If the audience is then supposed to swallow that it is possible to put together an app as complex as the one described in the script in a very short time, bring it online and find thousands upon thousands of users, then the authenticity is final over. In addition, the social criticism regarding online bullying in the second half seems rather half-hearted, almost hypocritical. Not to mention that our start-up heroes are also said to be madly in love with each other…

“Rate Your Date” isn’t quite as bad as the catastrophe “Safari – Match Me If You Can”. There is at least a rudimentary attempt here to create a story arc that is, even if far-fetched, still somewhat oriented towards the genre rules. With that of Nilam Farooq (“sanctuaries”) In addition, at least one half-sensible, authentic-looking character, played by Patricia, appears in this panopticon of cliché archetypes. However, that alone does not save the work.

The same goes for Patricia (Nilam Farooq) and Paul (Edin Hasanovic).

For a romantic comedy to work, it is essential that the viewer can identify with the protagonists and root for them. But the characters presented to us here are either unlikable people like Edin Hasanovic (“You Are Wanted”) embodied, annoying and spoiled womanizer Paul. Or they are terribly simple like the talented, yet shy and neurotic Anton (Marc Benjamin, “Mixing jar”) and almost embarrassingly desperate as the oh-so-hapless Teresa (Alicia von Rittberg, “Youth without God”). So the audience quickly doesn’t care what happens to them. About, respectively with It doesn’t do them any good to laugh anyway, as the trials, tribulations and complications of the four are never really charming or funny, but rather predictable, overly laborious and contrived. Most viewers would probably like the 105 minutes to be over as soon as possible. So you can finally forget this unfunny, fake and awkwardly relevant scenario again in order to be open to encounters with real people.

Conclusion: Unrealistic, unromantic, only moderately amusing and even annoying at times – “Rate Your Date” is everything a romantic comedy shouldn’t be.

“Rate Your Date” can be seen in USA cinemas from March 7th.

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