The Medium Movie Ending Explained (In Detail)

A film filled with southeastern surroundings, filmed in the mockumentary genre about shamanism, spirits and their exile.

Thai director Banyong Pisanthanakun is familiar to viewers from his previous work: the short film “The Wedding” in the horror anthology “The ABC of Death” and the highly acclaimed melodrama “Hello Stranger”.


The plot of the film tells about the hereditary shaman Nim, to whom documentary filmmakers came to the Thai outback to interview her and capture her methods on camera. Nim was played by actress Savani Uthumma, best known for the horror film The Promise.

But in the process of filming, something strange begins to happen to the shaman’s niece, Mink. She is played by a young actress Narila Gulmongkolpech, who has only three works so far: two TV series “Sick with Love” and “Diamond Eye”, as well as the full-length “Medium”.

In the course of the picture, everything indicates that the girl is possessed by evil spirits. Under the vigilant control of the ubiquitous cameras in the family, preparations for the rite of exorcism begin.

The meaning of the film

The film shows the tragic story of the members of one family, their past choices that were wrong, and the consequences they are doomed to.

At the beginning of the tape, it is mentioned that the ancestors of Viroy, the late husband of Noah, committed atrocities, and now subsequent generations are paying for it. This is also evidenced by the voodoo doll shown at the end of the picture, chipped with nails, with the name Yasantia written on it. Presumably, this is the revenge of one of the workers who lost their jobs during the bankruptcy of Viroy’s father’s factory.

Performing a third-party ritual for Mink and not following safety precautions during the final ritual also poses a great danger. The conniving and insufficiently serious attitude to the magical mysteries turned into a tragedy for everyone.

Characteristics of heroes

Nim’s desire to help his niece fails – her sister literally sends her out of the house, not wanting to listen. But it is Nim, the host of Ba Yang, who finds the exhausted girl in the building of an abandoned burned-out factory and starts organizing the exorcism. When Nim dies for an unknown reason, one can only be glad that she did not witness the terrible fate that the evil spirits had in store for her family.

Mother Mink – Noah (for actress Sirani Yankittikan this is the first work in the cinema) at first refuses to believe in her daughter’s obsession and with all her might resists the intervention of a shaman sister in her life. But after she herself suffered at the hands of Mink and ended up in the hospital, she asks her relative to help.

In the story, Noah has received the most development: she goes from disbelief and rejection to acceptance of reality. In the past, a woman turned away from the inheritance of Ba Yang, and then married Viroy, doomed the karma of his ancestors to her children. She was the unwitting culprit of the tragic events.

Beckons, brother Noah – played by Yasaka Chaisorn, who previously starred in the thriller “The Cave” based on real events – until the very end, as if he does not believe what is happening. He is sincerely indignant at the atrocities that his niece is doing and nothing surprises him in the strange behavior of his wife.

Mink herself, being in states of either obsession or apathy, does not have control over her actions, completely subordinated to the spirits that have inhabited her.


Mink does not believe in magic: at the beginning of the picture, she chuckles at rituals and rituals. In a conversation with documentary filmmakers, she says that people don’t care who they worship.

The girl gives the example of Doraemon, a Japanese animation character, a cat-like robot from the future. She suggests that people may worship Doraemon, instead of chants including the opening theme song from the animated series of the same name.


The film will be of interest to fans of authentic oriental culture, themes of the occult and pseudo-documentary films.

Despite the fact that the duration of the tape is over two hours, it keeps the viewer in suspense until the very end thanks to the exciting events that appear before your eyes.

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