Queen Movie Ending Explained (In Detail)

Spoilers Alert:

In her erotic drama QUEEN Director May el-Toukhy lets the Danish actress Trine Dyrholm enter into a liaison with her stepson. Hot stuff in the truest sense of the word, implemented in an exciting and controversial way – we’ll reveal more about this in our review.

How long will their affair remain undetected?

What’s exciting is not just the play with attraction, taboos and taboo-breaking, which the lead couple gives a congenial face to. At second glance, it is also the question of why that fuels the content of “Queen”. Because no matter how much you notice Anne’s pure pleasure in passionate lovemaking, the film makes it clear that she could actually have that with her no less open-minded husband. At the same time, Gustav also seems to have a thing for women. And the strong, closely observing script by Maren Louise Käehne ensures that the two of them feel intellectually drawn to each other (“Shelley”) and May el-Toukhy hardly provide any clues. Ultimately, the viewer can and must decide for themselves whether it is ultimately just the appeal of the forbidden or perhaps even revenge motives against the disinterested father or husband. However, the makers then find a clear answer to how the whole liaison ends. Maybe not one that everyone will like. But definitely one that will be discussed after the film. Just like the question of whether one should consider what Anne and Gustav do in the film to be morally questionable, or whether “Queen” ultimately just tells a completely normal story of love and betrayal.

Conclusion: A couple, a few intimate hours and a lot of conversation: “Queen” is an equally intimate and explosive erotic drama about a woman who seduces her stepson, which develops its greatest appeal from the question of why. And from an impressive Trine Dyrholm.

“Queen” will be available to stream from May 5th.

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