The Plagues of Breslau Movie Ending Explained (In Detail)

Spoilers Alert:

What kind of films are actually made in our neighboring country Poland? At least the mainstream rarely hears about it. With the Netflix original PLAGI WRESLAU – THE PLAGIES OF WRESLAU that could change. We reveal why in our review.

Will they manage to catch the perpetrator in time?

Now you don’t have to make “Plagi Breslau – The Epidemics of Breslau” a more questionable film than all the other revenge thrillers of recent years. As in pretty much every film in which the perpetrator has a motive for revenge, the question of morality inevitably arises at some point. The makers refrain from giving a concrete answer, but despite all the concentration on the violence, they always examine what happens afterwards. The only question is whether this will be appropriately applied. “Plagi Breslau” bombards its viewers with death and ruin at such a pace that there is hardly any time for the appropriate emotional (and moral) processing and classification of the events. At least: With an ending that fits the rest and is consistent throughout, those responsible bring all thoughts to a satisfactory conclusion. Only the connections between the actions and the socio-political history of Wroclaw as well as the current state of the economically shaken city, which were previously at least temporarily touched upon, soon fall behind. But the spectacular murders and bloodthirsty acts of violence are just a tad too dominant for that.

Conclusion: “Plagi Breslau – The Plagues of Breslau” is a high-octane police thriller that presents a lot of violence at an extremely high pace. The morality is questionable, but of secondary importance anyway.

“Plagi Breslau – The Plagues of Breslau” is now available to stream on Netflix.

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