No One Gets Out Alive Movie Ending Explained (In Detail)

A new mystical drama filmed in the UK for the Netflix streaming service. The film is a film adaptation of the novel of the same name by British writer Adam Neville.

As in most stories of a writer, the plot of the painting “No One Gets Out Alive” is built around the occult and supernatural entities.

The main roles in the film are played by a young Mexican actress Cristina Rodlo and an American with Latin roots David Barrera.


The feature film directorial debut of Santiago Menghini tells the story of an illegal immigrant named Amber. An undocumented girl arrives in the US in a shipping container and settles in a gloomy house. She has to take an unskilled, low-paid job in a garment factory.

Aspiring to overcome all difficulties and class inequality, Amber saves up to purchase the necessary documents. The harsh realities surrounding the young woman are complemented by mystical phenomena in the house. The dilapidated building turns out to be inhabited by ghosts, and not just the owner of the property and the mysterious guest.

In the struggle for a new life, the girl will not only have to find out the truth about the landlord who is doing something malicious, but also not become another victim of a cruel spirit.

The meaning of the film

The social subtext of the film is much deeper than it might seem at first glance. The growing stratification of modern society is demonstrated quite clearly in the thriller. Some people, like the main character of the plot, are forced to overcome many obstacles on the way to improving their status.

Faced with the cruelty and indifference of others, people become callous. If they manage to overcome all the obstacles in their path, they themselves become oppressors.

Characteristics of heroes

Amber in the first half of the film appears as a girl tormented by the many problems and injustices of the life she has to live. However, from a certain point in the story, the woman turns out to be more decisive. She manages to overcome the victim in herself and take fate into her own hands.

Becker, played by David Figlioli the owner of the spooky house, is one of the story’s central antagonists. He had a hard time taking care of his younger brother Red. The role of the latter in the film was played by Mark Menchaka.

Red in the story suffers from a mental disorder. The treatment of a man is too expensive for his brother, which is why the latter finds another way to maintain the health of a relative.

Beto is the cousin of the main character, trying to help the girl overcome the difficulties that have befallen her.


The center of the film’s mystical subtext is the ancient Aztec goddess of fate, Itzpapalotl. Translated from the language of the ancient people, the name of the deity means “obsidian butterfly”. To draw a parallel with the culture of the people who once inhabited the territory of modern Mexico, the creators repeatedly use images of butterflies in the house.


In general, the tape turned out to be fully consistent with its brothers in the genre. There is nothing fundamentally new and fresh in the film debut of the director of short films. A favorite genre cliché is the main character, who, in the course of the plot development, will have to deal with the otherworldly essence and herself. As well as the villains tormented by past sufferings, who have embarked on this slippery path for the benefit of the circumstances.

An atmospheric visual series with a rather detailed monster and an old creepy house will allow fans of the genre to pass the evening and will appeal to all fans of horror films from the 00s.

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