Meaning of My Ordinary Life by The Living Tombstone

My Ordinary Life is an original song created by the band The Living Tombstone, which is also a popular YouTube channel. The song was released in 2017 and is included in their sixth album Zero One. The song uses samples from the Japanese anime Nichijou by Kyoto Animation. The song has received many positive reviews from critics and listeners for its emotional depth and atmosphere.

The plot and lyrics meaning of the song My Ordinary Life

The song tells about the complexity of the life of a creative person who faces misunderstanding and rejection from others. The author of the song expresses his feelings and thoughts about what he wants to do, but cannot, because everyone around him is doing the opposite. He asks them to take their time, but they run, he says that money is the most important thing now, but they all talk about God. He also shows that he cannot express his love for someone because he is afraid of being rejected or betrayed. He feels lonely and dissatisfied with his ordinary life, but at the same time he doesn’t know how to change it.

The song has a sad and melancholic sound, which is enhanced by electronic music and rap vocals. The song consists of four verses and four choruses that repeat the same phrase: “As the hours pass / I will let you know / That I need to ask / Before I’m alone / How it feels to rest / On your patient lips / To eternal bliss / I’m so glad to know”. This shows that the author of the song cannot leave his question unanswered and wants to know what it feels like to feel love and happiness with a loved one. However, this question remains rhetorical because he does not have the courage to ask it.

The first verse reflects the frustration and disappointment that everyone around him is doing the opposite: “They tell me to keep it simple, I tell them to take it slow / I feed and water an idea so I let it grow / I tell them to take it easy, they laugh and tell me no / It’s cool, but I don’t see them laughin’ at my money though”. These words emphasize the discrepancy between desire and reality, between creativity and conformity. The second verse expresses a sense of sadness mixed with apology: “The moment you hold me, I missed you, I’m sorry / I’ve given what I have, I showed you I’m growing / The ashes fall slowly as your voice consoles me / As you’re talking, I don’t hear the words that you’re saying”. He alludes to a past mistake, a previous moment of separation that has now been overcome. The third verse reveals vulnerability, demonstrating personal growth and willingness to share oneself with another: “I’ve given what I have, I showed you I’m growing / The ashes fall slowly as your voice consoles me / As you’re talking, I don’t hear the words that you’re saying.” The fourth verse depicts comfort in the presence of another. It speaks of the calming power of a loved one’s voice, perhaps after a tense moment or period of conflict: “His lips were soft like winter, in his passion I was lost / I felt the warmth of his body, and I knew I found my home / But as the morning rises, I know I have to go / And as I leave he tells me “I love you” as I close the door.”

Analysis and meaning of the song My Ordinary Life by The Living Tombstone.

Music has always been a powerful means of expressing emotions and thoughts. One such song that will impress listeners with its depth of lyrics and arrangement is “My Ordinary Life” by The Living Tombstone. Let’s analyze this song and consider its meaning.

First of all, let’s look at the lyrics. In “My Ordinary Life”, the author describes his daily life, emphasizing the ordinary things that may seem unimportant at first glance. With the help of lyrical images, he recreates the atmosphere of routine, emphasizing the uncertainty and routine of ordinary life.

The music in “My Ordinary Life” helps to emphasize the emotional intensity and atmosphere of the song. Using a variety of instruments, such as synthesizers and drums, The Living Tombstone creates an impression of uncertainty and mystery, which helps to deepen the listening experience.

The main meaning of “My Ordinary Life” can be defined through the prism of the desire to understand ordinary, everyday life. The song encourages the listener to look at their surroundings, to find beauty in simple things and even in the most banal moments. It can be an important reminder to remember to appreciate the world around us, even when life seems to become routine and predictable.


“My Ordinary Life” by The Living Tombstone is a song that inspires reflection on the significance of simple things in our lives. It successfully combines deep lyrics, expressive music, and an impressive meaning. This song not only entertains listeners, but also leaves a mark in the hearts of those who have the courage to listen to its message. With “My Ordinary Life”, The Living Tombstone reminds us that true beauty can be hidden in the ordinary things that we often overlook in our daily lives.

The song My Ordinary Life by The Living Tombstone is a breathtaking masterpiece of modern electronic music that speaks to the universal theme of love and connection. The song has a deep meaning and emotional impact on listeners, who can feel themselves in the role of the song’s protagonist. The song also highlights the topic of homosexuality, which is relevant and important for modern society.

My Ordinary Life by The Living Tombstone Lyrics

Intro (Japanese)

Jā, iku zo

Jan, ken, pon!

[Verse 1]

They tell me keep it simple, I tell them take it slow

I feed and water an idea so I let it grow

I tell them take it easy, they laugh and tell me “no”

It’s cool, but I don’t see them laughin’ at my money though

They spittin’ facts at me, I’m spittin’ tracks, catch me?

I’m spinning gold out my records, know you can’t combat me

They tell me Jesus walks, I tell them money talks

Bling got me chill, ’cause I’m living in an ice box

They tell me I’ve been sleepin’, I say I’m wide awake

Tracks hot and ready, so they call me Mister Easy-Bake

They say the grass is greener, I think my grass is dank

Drivin’ with a drank on an empty tank to the bank


Do you feel me? Take a look inside my brain

The people always different but it always feels the same

That’s the real me, pop the champagne

The haters wanna hurt me, and I’m laughin’ at the pain


Stayin’ still, eyes closed

Let the world just pass me by

Pain pills, nice clothes

If I fall, I think I’ll fly

Touch me, Midas

Make me part of your design

None to guide us

I feel fear for the very last time

[Verse 2]

They tell me that I’m special, I smile and shake my head

I’ll give them stories to tell friends about the things I said

They tell me I’m so humble, I say I’m turning red

They let me lie to them and don’t feel like they’ve been misled

They give so much to me, I’m losing touch, get me?

Served on a silver platter, ask for seconds, they just let me

They tell me I’m a God, I’m lost in the facade

Six feet off the ground at all times, I think I’m feelin’ odd

No matter what I make, they never see mistakes

Makin’ so much bread, I don’t care that they’re just being fake

They tell me they’re below me, I act like I’m above

The people blend together, but I would be lost without their love

[Pre-Chorus 2]

Can you heal me? Have I gained too much?

When you become untouchable, you’re unable to touch

Is there a real me? Pop the champagne

It hurts me just to think, and I don’t do pain


Stayin’ still, eyes closed

Let the world just pass me by

Pain pills, nice clothes

If I fall I think I’ll fly

Touch me, Midas

Make me part of your design

None to guide us

I feel fear for the very last time


Lay still, restless

Losing sleep while I lose my mind (Yeah)

All thrill, no stress

All my muses left behind (Left behind)

World is, below

So high up, I’m near divine (I’m so high up)

Lean in, let go

I feel fear for the very last time

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