Mother’s Day Movie Ending Explained (In Detail)

Mother’s Day is a 2010 American thriller film directed by Darren Lynn Boseman, a remake of the 1980 film of the same name by Charles Kaufman.

It is based on the story of the friendship of three girls who decided many years later to meet at a picnic in the forest. There they encountered two brothers obsessed with raping and killing in the name of their mother.


The plot of the film “Mother’s Day” in 2010 revolves around three brothers who trade in robbery.

The opening scene of the picture shows an episode from the childhood of boys – an attempt to kidnap one of them from the maternity ward by a certain woman and the bloody murder of a hospital guard in front of the baby.

The Raiders are played by Patrick Flueger (Ike), Warren Cole (Addley) and Matthew O’Leary (Johnny). One day, hiding from the chase, the offenders go to their home to “lay low”. One of the brothers is wounded. Previously, the house was mortgaged by their mother and sold to other people. The family living in it is going to have a party with friends that day, but the former owners do not know anything about it. In the midst of the fun, three young people show up at the mansion.

Faced with bandits, the new owner of the house Beth (actress Jaime King) tries to escape, but she does not succeed. The criminals are arguing whether to kill everyone present, or is it too risky. Upon hearing them, Beth suggests asking her doctor friend to help the wounded man. The guests on the floor below are unaware for some time that the house has been occupied by raiders. The robbers decide to meet their mother here. The doctor helps the wounded, and the police are already looking for three brothers.

The mother (Rebecca de Mornay) stays with her daughter (Deborah Ann Woll). She is aware of all the affairs that her sons are engaged in, helps them and is delighted with their achievements.

The criminals do not want to leave the house, because they believe that their money is hidden there: they know that they were sent by their mothers to this address. But she did not receive them, and now she intends to find out who has them now by all means. Beth and her husband make it clear from the start that they have nothing to do with the missing money and stand their ground even when it comes to threats and actual violence. One of the hostages tries to run, but she is shot at.

The story lines then branch out, depicting what happens to the hostages in the house and what happens to one of the brothers, Ike, and Beth, who go to withdraw cash from guest cards.

While Ike and Beth are away, Eddley is brutally murdered by hostages. And the mother finds the hidden money and accuses the returned owner of the house of lying, because of which innocent people suffered and died. The bandits want to save the bleeding Joe and take him to the hospital.

We learn that Beth was pregnant and was preparing to leave her cheating husband using funds she had hidden. She manages to escape at a moment when almost all the other hostages are dead.

When Ike is killed, the mother prepares to set fire to the mansion to avenge her sons’ deaths. Beth defeats her in a fight and stays alive. Meanwhile, the police and firemen arrive at the scene of the crime.

In the finale, Beth gives birth to a baby, but one night she wakes up in the hospital and realizes that the newborn has been kidnapped. The criminals take the baby away in a van, we see him in the arms of the mother of the bandit family. This refers to the first shots: it becomes clear that the one whom the three brothers and their sister considered their own mother is the woman who kidnapped them in infancy.

The meaning of the film

He talks about the pathological influence of a domineering mother on children and the destructive impact on their lives. She achieves such power and obedience with the help of hypercontrol over people who have formally become adults, but their painful attachment to their mother has remained childish. When depicting destructive concern, the phrase that the road to hell is paved with good intentions is recalled. Unhealthy love turns into a tragedy.

You can see that under the threat of death, the hostages change their attitude towards each other, they are able to betray and even kill, protecting their own lives. The more time they spend together, the more secrets and “pitfalls” are revealed in their past and present.

“Mother’s Day” brings up topics such as:

  • destructive attachment in the family;
  • choice and priorities in the face of danger;
  • the meaning of “white lies”;
  • love and self-sacrifice;
  • close relationships and family ties;
  • parenting.

Characteristics of heroes

Three characters, starting with the older Ike, their leader, and ending with the younger, Johnny, who has never had sexual intimacy with a girl, are immature people. They play with danger, but inside they remain frightened and infantile.

Their sister is also dependent on her mother, afraid to please men and disobey. And the mother is a sick woman who decided to kidnap children in order to realize herself in motherhood, indifferent to the pain of other people, violence against them and obsessed with her own desires. She is not afraid of blood and cruelty, she is imperturbable at the sight of suffering, she always controls herself, retains her mind and does not allow emotions to take over. Despite outward leadership, she is vulnerable. He is so afraid of being alone that he does not want to admit that he is destroying the lives of those whom he considers his own children.

The Bet line is associated with the cost of motherhood and the difficult choices that have to be made on this path. The heroine lost her first child, which was a severe trauma for her, and, expecting a second child, she is ready to lie to her husband and close friends, steal and kill.


The film keeps you in suspense the whole time you watch it. Even the ending turns out to be unpredictable, where the heroine’s rescue is first shown, but everything ends in a completely different way.

The film is dynamic and will not make you bored, waiting for the denouement. It has more action than dialogue, but among the characters said, you can find psychological lines that give food for thought.

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