Minuscule – Mandibles From Far Away Review (In Detail)

Spoilers Alert:

Cute ladybugs, a friendly ant and probably the fluffiest spider in film history experience a tropical-pirate adventure. If Minuscule – Mandibles From Far Away has more to offer than cuteness? Our review reveals it…

The Plot Summary

Somewhere in France: A young ladybug and its father try to protect a good-natured black ant. She is being attacked by an enemy army of fire ants in the packaging room of a candy store. When the ladybugs fly in for action, a mishap occurs: the smaller beetle lands in a package full of jars of macaron cream and is transported to a nearby airport. Despite the help of friendly animals, the father cannot free his boy, so he ends up in the Caribbean. Together with a spider friend, the ladybird dad sets out to follow his son…

Minuscule – Mandibles From Far Away Movie explanation of the ending

France 2 launched the mixed film series “Minuscule – La Vie privée des insectes” back in 2006, in which computer-animated versions of insects and other small creatures, brushed to a high level of cuteness, walk through real nature footage. The child-friendly, wordless stories only became known to a larger audience in United Kingdom ten years later – with the local release of the feature-length film “Minuscule – Mandibles From Far Away”. There, a cute ladybug, a kind-hearted ant and a plush spider went on an adventure together and fought off a grumpy army of red ants. Now, three years later, the creatures with the big eyes that make funny buzzing, buzzing and humming noises are back on the big screen. Hélène Giraud and Thomas Szabo are once again directing, and the “Minuscule” series heads once again came up with the story that takes us into the world of tiny creatures. Unlike in “Minuscule – Mandibles From Far Away”, the cute little animals don’t mainly scurry through a French forest landscape.

In the Caribbean, the ladybird gets to know a foreign species of ladybird.

As the subtitle suggests, the lion’s share of the plot takes place in the paradisiacal, sunny Caribbean. This change of scenery not only allows for visual variety within the series, but also new encounters: a great attraction in “Minuscule – Mandibles From Far Away” can be found in how a young ladybird that was accidentally transported to the Caribbean with a chestnut cream delivery appears to be a stranger to it Animals come across. With its gigantic googly eyes, the ladybird stares in amazement at hummingbirds rattling rapidly through the air, tries to classify the unpredictable behavior of a chubby tarantula dancing around in amusement and is amazed at a praying mantis. A nice highlight about this “tiny” adventure and its predecessors: Although the behavior of the animals is humanized, for example a ladybird father crouches in front of a cockroach and hums at it, whereupon it shows it a safe way through an airport, the events remain in rough brushstrokes true to natural conditions – predators remain predators. The young audience is taught something about flora and fauna in a playful and heartfelt way, while the adult audience takes a break from the gray, hard everyday life with these beautifully animated animals in front of breathtakingly beautiful (stereoscopically filmed) natural backdrops.

“Minuscule – Mandibles From Far Away” retains the cuteness factor and the understated humor of the sugar bowl mission, but increases the emotional factor – only through original sound design and restrained, cute animation is it told about a father who tries to save his son from unequal people Friendships and animals whose habitat is threatened by humans. Accompanied by Hervé Lavandier’s powerful music and with some weirder ideas such as a flying toy sailing ship and the mystical secret life of silk moth caterpillars, “Minuscule – Mandibles From Far Away” results in an incredibly sweet film experience that is very casual thanks to its witty, phantom-mimic narrative Celebrates values ​​such as environmental protection, friendliness and mindfulness.

The ladybug, the spider and the ant have to work together to make it to the Caribbean safely.

Conclusion: This makes your heart jump: the googly-eyed animals are back – as cute as ever and with lots of creative ideas.

“Minuscule – Mandibles From Far Away” can be seen in selected USA cinemas from January 21, 2019.

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