Meaning of Coraline by Måneskin

Coraline is a song by the Italian rock band Måneskin released in 2021. The song appeared on their second album Teatro d’ira – Vol. I and became one of their most successful songs. The song has received many positive reviews from critics and listeners for its emotional depth and atmospheric nature.

Lyrics meaning of the song Coraline by Måneskin

The song tells the tragic story of Coraline, a girl suffering from depression and loneliness. She can’t find her place in a world where everyone thinks she is strange and unacceptable. She also cannot find love because she is afraid of being hurt or betrayed. She loses the meaning of life and wants to die, but at the same time she dreams of a fairy-tale future where she will be happy and loved.

The song has a sad and melancholic sound, which is enhanced by Damiano David’s acoustic guitar and vocals. The song consists of three verses and three choruses that repeat the same phrase: “Coraline, Coraline / Ma lei sa la verità / Che non è per tutti / Andare avanti col cuore spezzato in due / Fa già freddo”. This shows that Coraline knows the truth, that not everyone can live with a broken heart, and that she already feels the cold of death.

The first verse reflects Coraline’s hopelessness and alienation from the world, where she finds no understanding or support: “Lei è quasi una bambina ma lo sente come un peso / Che prima o poi la schiaccerà / La gente dice che non vale / Che non può uscire da quei cancelli miseri”. These words emphasize the contrast between her innocence and her suffering, between her desire to live and her limitations. The second verse expresses a sense of sadness mixed with nostalgia: “Lei vorrebbe solo amare / Ma ha paura di soffire o di essere tradita / Lei si perde nei ricordi / Di quando era piccola e sognava l’avventura”. It alludes to her unfulfilled love, her disappointment in people, her longing for the past when she had hope and imagination. The third verse reveals vulnerability, showing her desire to die, but also her dream of a better life: “Lei vorrebbe solo morire / Ma sogna un mondo dove lei possa essere felice / Lei si sente così sola / Ma vorrebbe una persona che la stringa forte a sé”.

The song has a feminist connotation, as Coraline is a symbol of all women who suffer from sexism, violence, discrimination and patriarchy. She is also an example of the strength and courage that allow her to survive in an inhospitable world. She expresses her pain and her hope through music, which is her way of expressing herself and asserting herself.

Analysis and meaning of the song “Coraline” by Måneskin

The band Måneskin impresses their listeners not only with their powerful performance, but also with the deep meaning of their lyrics. The song “Coraline” is no exception, and let’s look at its aspects in the context of analysis and interpretation.

“Coraline” tells a story that changes from a carefree to an emotionally charged journey. The title of the song may indicate a theme of adventure and loss of innocence. In the lyrics, you can feel the well-developed images and metaphors that create the impression of deep reflection.

The musical component of “Coraline” is also important for expressing the meaning of the song. The band Måneskin successfully combines rock elements with psychedelic and alternative elements to create a unique soundscape. The intensity of the musical accompaniment can reflect the emotional dynamics of the story, revealing its various aspects.

“Sinking in the sand, let me drown” is one of the lines that can indicate a loss of control and uncertainty in the face of difficulties. “Coraline” can include themes of self-discovery, finding one’s own path, and relationships with the world around us. In general, it can be a song about development, self-actualization and inner struggle.


The song “Coraline” by Måneskin is an artistic masterpiece that not only sounds powerful, but also carries a deep meaning. Images and music interact to create a musical atmosphere that allows listeners to feel the depth of emotions and feelings embedded in every chord and word. “Coraline” can leave listeners with the impression that they have experienced something more than just a musical moment, but have traveled through the spaces of their own souls and explored the world around them through the prism of intense sounds and expressive lyrics. The song Coraline by Måneskin is a fascinating masterpiece of modern rock music that speaks to the universal theme of suffering and hope. The song has a deep meaning and emotional impact on listeners who can feel themselves in the role of Coraline. The song also highlights the topic of feminism, which is relevant and important for modern society.

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