Meaning of Another Love by Tom Odell

Another Love is the debut single by British singer-songwriter Tom Odell, released in 2012. The song was included in his first album Long Way Down and became one of his most famous hits. The song received two nominations for the World Music Award in 2014 and hit the charts in Belgium, Ireland, the Netherlands and the UK.

The plot and lyrics meaning of the song

The song tells the story of a young man’s suffering from love for a girl who does not reciprocate. He cannot forget her, even when he meets other women, and feels lonely and broken. He is also afraid to reveal his feelings because he doesn’t want to be rejected or disappointed. He is ready to do anything for his love, even fight or be rude, but at the same time he does not know how to love and does not know how to be happy.

The song has a sad and melancholic sound, which is emphasized by piano and strings. The song consists of three verses and three choruses that repeat the same phrase: “I wanna sing another love song, but I can’t do it”. This shows that the protagonist of the song cannot express his love in words, but only through tears and pain.

The song became the unofficial anthem of Ukraine

In 2022, the song Another Love became especially popular in Ukraine thanks to the social network TikTok. Users began to post videos to this song with fragments of their lives before the war in Donbas. Thus, the song has become a symbol of what Ukrainians have lost due to the aggression of Russia and its satellites. The song evokes strong emotions in viewers who empathize with those who have lost their loved ones, their homes, and their peaceful reality.

On July 15, 2022, the song “Another Love” was released on YouTube – a translation of the song Another Love into Ukrainian. In almost 3 months, the video has gained 3.4 million views. The translation was done by Ukrainian musicians Alexander Ponomarev and Anastasia Baginskaya. They preserved the meaning and mood of the original song, but also added their own emotions and impressions. They also shot the video in different places in Ukraine, showing its beauty and diversity.

Analysis and meaning of the song “Another Love” by Tom Odell

The song “Another Love” by Tom Odell is an emotional ballad that will impress listeners with its vulnerability and Tom Odell’s powerful performance skills. Let’s analyze this song from the point of view of analysis and meaning.

The lyrics of “Another Love” tell about the loss of a loved one and the pain of separation. The words are marked by a strong emotional charge that conveys the depth of feelings and difficulties associated with separation. At the same time, they express an attempt to find a new love, but with the shadow of the previous loss.

The music of “Another Love” contributes to the emotional mood of the song. The use of piano accompanying the vocals enhances the intimacy and vulnerability of the moment. The arrangement is complemented by orchestral sounds, which adds depth and melody to the composition.

“Another Love” impresses the listener with its sincerity and attempt to understand and accept loss. The song deals with the theme of loneliness, longing and failure in love. It emphasizes the pain of loss, as well as the struggle with oneself when it comes to deciding if the heart is ready to love again.


“Another Love” by Tom Odell is a true masterpiece that not only enchants listeners with its melody and vocal elegance, but also reveals the depth of human emotions. The song retains the meaning of a story about love and loss, which can be felt by anyone who experiences disappointment in their personal life. “Another Love” becomes a real journey through emotional heights and depths, leaving a mark in the hearts of those who listen to this expressive composition.

The song Another Love by Tom Odell is a true masterpiece of modern music that speaks about the universal theme of love and suffering. The song has a deep meaning and emotional impact on listeners, especially in Ukraine, where it has become the country’s unofficial anthem. The song also has a Ukrainian version that reflects the spirit and national identity of Ukrainians.

Another Love by Tom Odell Lyrics Video

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