Meaning of After Dark by Mr. Kitty

After Dark is a song by American electronic musician Mr. Kitty, released in 2014. The song appeared on his fifth album Time and became one of his most popular songs. The song has received many positive reviews from critics and listeners for its emotional depth and atmospheric nature.

The plot and lyrics meaning of the song After Dark by Mr. Kitty

The song is about a tender and intimate moment shared by two people, possibly in a romantic relationship. The song illustrates the depth of human connection, the desire to be understood and the vulnerability of expressing one’s feelings. The song explores the nervous anticipation and joy of connection, mixed with subtle shades of fear and uncertainty. It hints that the songwriter wants to receive confirmation that the love he shares is real and mutual.

The song consists of four verses and four choruses that repeat the same phrase: “As the hours pass / I will let you know / That I need to ask / Before I’m alone / How it feels to rest / On your patient lips / To eternal bliss / I’m so glad to know”. This shows that the protagonist of the song cannot leave his question unanswered and wants to know how it feels to feel love and happiness with a loved one.

The first verse reflects the delight and joy of mutual recognition and acceptance: “I see you / You see me / How pleasant / This feeling”. These words emphasize the power of visibility and recognition, creating a tone of intimacy and connection. The second verse expresses a sense of sadness mixed with apology: “The moment / You hold me / I missed you / I’m sorry”. He alludes to a past mistake, a previous moment of separation that has now been overcome. The third verse reveals vulnerability, demonstrating personal growth and willingness to share oneself with another: “I’ve given / What I have / I showed you / I’m growing”. The fourth verse depicts comfort in the presence of another. It speaks of the calming power of a loved one’s voice, perhaps after a tense moment or period of conflict: “The ashes / Fall slowly / As your voice / Consoles me”.

The song has a sad and melancholic sound, which is enhanced by synthesizers and electronic beats. The song creates an atmosphere of night when everything becomes darker and more mysterious, but also more intimate and romantic. The song also has homosexual overtones, as the songwriter refers to his lover using the male pronoun: “His lips were soft like winter / In his passion, I was lost”. This reflects the sexual orientation of Mr. Kitty, who openly admits his homosexuality.

Analysis and meaning of the song “After Dark” by Mr. Kitty

Mr. Kitty is a singer who captivates listeners with his melodies and deep lyrics. The song “After Dark” is one of his creative gems, and let’s take a closer look at it in terms of analysis and meaning.

The song “After Dark” is characterized by a mystical and melancholic atmosphere. The lyrics contain images of darkness, loneliness and loss. The words create the impression of deep emotions and inner struggle. Perhaps they are also ambiguous, revealing a multilayered meaning.

The musical shell of “After Dark” reflects the stylistic features of synthwave and darkwave. The use of synthesizers, electronic sounds and deep basslines help to create a sense of mystery and fatigue at the same time.

The meaning of “After Dark” can vary depending on the listener’s interpretation. Usually, it’s a song about introspection, loneliness, and fighting the darkness in your own soul. Perhaps it reflects the inner world, where the artist expresses his own thoughts and feelings about the darkness, which can hide both tragic and beautiful moments.


“After Dark” by Mr. Kitty is a song that mesmerizes with its sound and captivates with its deep meaning. It offers the listener an in-depth sense of emotional and spiritual awareness. Through the combination of lyrics and music, “After Dark” can evoke impressions in listeners that are difficult to put into words, but that will definitely stay with them after listening. The song After Dark by Mr. Kitty is a fascinating masterpiece of modern electronic music that speaks to the universal theme of love and connection. The song has a deep meaning and emotional impact on listeners who can feel themselves in the role of the song’s protagonist. The song also highlights the topic of homosexuality, which is relevant and important for modern society.

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