Ma (2019) Ending Explained: What happens to Ma at the end?

Ma (2019) meaning of the film, plot analysis, description of the ending, similar films.

The plot of the film is reminiscent of classic youth thrillers, in which several teenagers commit a series of stupid things and end up in mortal danger. However, it is deeper and more interesting – the image of the main antagonist alone is worth it.

The message of the movie “Ma” is that no one should be offended, otherwise it will definitely end badly. Because not everyone has the ability to forgive.

Country: Japan, USA

Genre: thriller

Year of production: 2019

Director: Tate Taylor

Actors: Octavia Spencer, Diana Silvers, Juliette Lewis

Slogan: “Beware, kids, beware”

What is the movie about

Brief description of the contents of the picture. High school student Maggie Thompson moves with her mother to a new place. At school, she meets a black girl in a wheelchair and helps her to another hallway. A little later, she meets her new classmates. They act friendly and invite Maggie to join them after school – they will have a lot of fun.

Diana Silvers of the film Ma
Diana Silvers stars as Maggie Thompson. Still from the film Ma

However, there is a problem: to have fun, you need alcohol, but given that they are all underage, they are not sold it. The adults the boys approach refuse to buy them alcohol, but they soon meet an attractive middle-aged dark-skinned woman. At first, she also refuses to help the teenagers, but after reading the name on the van and seeing the driver, the handsome young man Andy, she suddenly agrees.

She also tells the guys where they can hang out well and they go there. She herself types in Andy’s last name and finds his Facebook page.

A little later, the woman (her name is Sue Ann) again helps the guys buy drinks and offers to relax in her basement. They agree and soon realize that this actually makes sense – it’s just the perfect place to hang out. A little later, they get to know Sue Ann better, and she wins their sympathy so much that they give her the nickname Ma.

Then the woman finds out Maggie’s last name and establishes surveillance of the girl’s mother. The parties in her basement continue. Sue Ann herself is an active participant in the parties and the guys have nothing against it – after all, she is so cool! Meanwhile, the woman sets a rule: the basement is theirs, but none of them must go upstairs under any circumstances.

Maggie is getting closer and closer to Andy, who has been showing her attention for a long time. Watching them, Ma involuntarily remembers her own parties and her first great love.

At some point, one of the girls, Haley, begins to need to go to the toilet. The basement bathroom is occupied and she, taking Maggie for company, goes upstairs. Ma doesn’t like this very much and begins to behave very rudely. The guys leave, but then Sue Ann sends Maggie several messages apologizing.

Octavia Spencer of the film Ma
Octavia Spencer played the role of Sue Ann. Still from the film Ma

Gradually her behavior becomes more and more strange and obsessive. Teenagers begin to shun her, but Maggie, due to her upbringing, cannot just break off relations with her. Soon Ma gathers the guys again and apologizes for his outbursts. “It’s all because of the pills,” she says. She, according to her, has cancer and really needs friends.

The guys feel sincere sympathy for her, but on her hand, Hayley notices a bracelet that she recently saw on a school friend. Together with Maggie, they enter Ma’s house to see if she stole anything else from them or not.

In the house they meet the same girl whom Maggie recently helped get to the desired corridor – but this time she is on her feet. The girl’s name is Ginny, and she asks them to leave as soon as possible.

Soon Sue Ann meets Ben, her former classmate and Andy’s father. In her youth, Sue Ann had a deep crush on him, but he responded to the girl’s feelings with harsh trolling, in which other teenagers also took part. Ben invites her to sit somewhere and she agrees. However, the evening quickly “ceases to be languid” – in a restaurant a man quite categorically demands that she leave Andy behind.

The next day, Ma comes to Maggie’s house and meets the girl’s mother, Erica. It turns out that she is also a former classmate of Sue Ann. She didn’t take part in that stupid joke, but she didn’t stop her friends…

Returning from Maggie’s, Ma gets into the car and soon meets another former classmate, Mercedes, who was the instigator of a terrible prank at school. A woman is jogging and Ma coldly knocks her over. Then she lures Ben to her, knocks him out, ties him up and, threatening him with castration for school humiliation, cuts his wrists.

Towards the end, she throws another party and drugs all the teenagers. The next morning, Ma begins to torture the guys – this is how she wants to get even for her sad school youth.

Ma Ending explained

Explanation of the ending of the picture. Suddenly, Ginny stands in Sue Ann’s way. Wanting to help the kids, she pushes her mother, who falls down the stairs and loses consciousness. The girl then helps the teenagers free themselves.

A fire breaks out in the house, and Ma, who has come to her senses, tries to hold on to her daughter. Maggie helps Ginny cope with her crazy mother – she hits Ma with a knife. The wounded Sue Ann, with the last of her strength, climbs upstairs and lies down next to the dead Ben.

The meaning of the ending of the movie “Ma” is that Sue Ann took revenge on everyone, including those who were not to blame for anything. Apparently, she had no desire to live further – that is why she did not even try to leave the burning house.

The meaning of the film Ma

The idea of ​​revenge often becomes the main one in many horror films and thrillers. In such films, usually a certain person begins to pursue the main characters, ruin their lives or even take them away. The meaning of all his terrible actions is that once in the past he was treated badly and now he intends to restore justice.

This topic has already become so boring to the viewer that it is unlikely that it will be possible to scare him, but even just to interest him in such a picture. However, this did not stop director Tate Taylor.

In the USA there is a term “nice Americans”: the people in question always try to be courteous and polite, but they do not show their true feelings. Why is this happening? According to a common interpretation, this is due to the fear of being reproached by society – especially in our time, when the world is obsessed with anti-racism and tolerance to such an extent that it has distorted and mutilated both of these concepts.

McCauley Miller of the film Ma
McCulley Miller as Haley. Still from the film Ma

But what happens in cases where a person’s feelings are constantly hurt and insulted, and he cannot respond due to character or out of fear of being rejected by specific people? Anger slowly boils in his soul, which gradually turns into a time bomb. Eventually it transforms into rage that frantically demands to be released.

The solution to the plot of the film becomes clear approximately in the middle, but the development of events still remains quite interesting. Most of the guys are not random people for Ma: their parents treated her very badly in the distant past. Now they must answer for this…

Sue Ann wanted one thing all her life – to be “good,” accepted, “to belong.” Unfortunately, people like her hate more than anything else what they don’t have – in this case, family and relationships. Instead of directing her rage (this feeling has a hidden meaning – this is the so-called “energy of action”) to achieve a goal, she prefers to take revenge not only on the offenders, but also on their children. The state of a humiliated victim gives her the absolute right to retribution. But hasn’t she gone too far with this? After all, what she did was not even “an eye for an eye,” but something stronger and more terrible.

According to viewers who analyzed the picture, it has three sides. Firstly, the theme of the consequences of school bullying is revealed here and it is said (and even emphasized) that we raise dangerous monsters ourselves. Secondly, the director hints that, despite all the apologies and crocodile tears on camera, racism has not gone away. Of course, now in the United States you won’t find a sign in the style of “No Negroes or Dogs,” but at the everyday level there are truly terrible things. In addition, “Ma” is a story about a lonely woman nursing her demons, which one day break loose…

“Ma” is hard to take seriously. The essence of the film lies on the surface, and its formula seems too intense. In addition, the director openly manipulates the viewer, and this is not very pleasant. However, the film is laconic and truly scary. Despite the secondary nature, this is an unusual movie that is definitely worthy of our attention.

teenagers and psychopath of the film Ma
Still from the film Ma (2019)

Similar films

Here are several films similar to the film “Ma” in meaning and partly in plot:

  • “Get Out” (USA, Japan, 2017). Chris is dating a white girl. One day she invites him to visit her parents, but this is not a good idea.
  • “Don’t tell anyone” (Denmark, Netherlands, 2022). The villains are held by force and then kill the whole family.
  • “The Rattle” (Finland, Sweden, 2022). A horror story about a child who, due to the pressure of an oppressive mother, turns into a monster.
  • “Girl in the Basement” (USA, 2021). Sarah lives with her tyrant father and waits until she comes of age to leave home. However, this is not destined to come true.
  • “Smiley” (USA, 2012). Several murders occur in a small town. The main character thinks that this is the work of a maniac, who, according to local stories, can be called via the Internet.
  • “Don’t Breathe” (USA, Serbia, Hungary, 2015). Several guys break into a blind man’s house to rob him. Very soon the victim turns into a hunter…

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