Head Burst Movie Ending Explained (In Detail)

Spoilers Alert:

It’s a hot potato that director and author Savaş Ceviz has in his feature film debut HEADPLATCHES touches. And so his story about a pedophile who can no longer contain his passions gets under your skin. Not least thanks to Max Riemelt. We reveal more about this in our review.

Can Jessica (Isabell Gerschke) give Markus support?

But before the makers run the risk of making their film too conciliatory, arguing too much on the side of the perpetrators, they also intersperse moments in which it becomes clear what a danger Markus, and therefore pedophiles, pose. Even though Markus’ regular visits from a caged wolf present their symbolism a little too obviously, chats with other pedophiles who sometimes refer to “their children” as gifts from heaven and thus wriggle out of the fact that they also receive the affection and tenderness make one wonder even want to upset your stomach. Markus’ regular visits to swimming pools and suggested persecution scenarios also feel so oppressive, mainly because Markus is introduced from the beginning as a ticking time bomb that can explode at any moment. In this way, Savaş Ceviz skillfully avoids the mistake of stirring up false sympathy for his main character, but does not expose him as a perpetrator, but rather reliably emphasizes the danger of the disorder but also the urgent need to urgently seek necessary treatment as a pedophile. However, the fact that this is not exactly where the healing is needed sets the vicious circle back in motion, as the radical, open ending of “Head Burst” emphasizes once again.

Conclusion: “Head Burst” is a grueling drama about pedophiles, their compulsions, their attempts to integrate into society and the associated vicious circle of responsibility, failure and resignation. Max Riemelt in particular gives a face to the potential perpetrators who do everything they can to avoid becoming one. But director Savaş Ceviz looks towards the truth with the film, so his film does not provide answers, but rather incentives. You have to digest that first.

“Head Burst” will be available from April 2nd in the “Salzgeber Club”, a VOD service from the film distributor Salzgeber.

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