Guns AkimboMovie Ending Explained (In Detail)

Spoilers Alert:

After picking up his magic wand, Daniel Radcliffe picks up two guns – but not entirely voluntarily. What’s with this crazy premise? GUNS AKIMBO what the film is about and what the film turned out to be, we reveal that in our review.

Samara Weaving is rubbish!

After a few very entertaining minutes in which the excellently clumsy Miles learns to come to terms with his predicament (including going pee with two guns in his hand or surrendering to two police officers – and failing miserably), Jason loses himself Lei Howden, however, in an all too uniform production. Shootout follows shootout after shootout – without any technical variation. Even on an acoustic level, you can especially recognize the role models in “Guns Akimbo”: at least since “Suicide Squad”, the staging trick of underpinning action sequences with concise pop-rock evergreens seems to have become a kind of secret weapon in order to increase the speed and To simulate dynamics where none actually exist. So in the end it’s just a few fun one-liners and – of course – the idea itself, which makes “Guns Akimbo” stand out from the recent genre. But especially with “Crank” and Co. there would have been so much more if you hadn’t relied on a few flashing lights, a scarred villain and “When the Shit Goes Down” by Cypress Hill to fix it to distract from the pretty lame story.

Conclusion: There would have been more! “Guns Akimbo” runs after its obvious role models, but with the exception of a brilliant Daniel Radcliffe, nothing and no one can create their own accents here.

“Guns Akimbo” can be seen in USA cinemas from June 25, 2020 – but only in the shortened FSK 16 version.

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