Friend Request Movie Ending Explained (In Detail)

The plot of the film Friend Request is considered by many to be secondary, although not uninteresting. This is a really worthy film about Internet addiction, which every second person suffers from nowadays. Friend Request (2016): plot analysis, description of the film, meaning of the ending, similar movies.

Simon Verhoeven’s film is competently directed and well acted. It is unlikely to scare anyone, but it will certainly make you think about a lot of things.

Country: Germany, South Africa

Genre: horror, thriller, detective

Year of production: 2015

Director: Simon Verhoeven

Actors: Alicia Debnam-Carey, William Moseley, Connor Paolo

Slogan: “Be careful who you click with”

What is the movie about

Brief description of the contents of the picture. The plot centers on a girl named Laura. The pretty student is popular at the university – both boys and girls like her. Laura is an active user of social networks; she has more than 800 friends. On campus, the girl lives with two friends, Isabel and Olivia. She also has a boyfriend named Tyler.

Alicia Debnam-Carey of the film Friend Request
The role of Laura was played by Alicia Debnam-Carey. Still from the film Friend Request

One day Laura notices a strange girl who looks at her with admiration. The girl’s name is Marina and she is a typical freaky renegade. That same evening, Laura receives a friend request from her. Having studied Marina’s page, Laura sees that she does not have a single friend. According to Olivia, accepting such an application is a bad idea, but the main character seems to be okay.

Having become one of Laura’s virtual “friends,” Marina begins to behave so intrusively that she becomes uneasy. Tyler also notices Marina’s excessive activity and asks his friend to be careful.

Some more time passes, and Marina makes attempts to become a part of Laura’s life, but she behaves with restraint towards her. A little later, she decides to take a closer look at her new friend’s page and comes across creepy videos. This frightens Laura, and she realizes that the answer to Marina’s obsessive behavior is simple: she is simply abnormal.

One evening, the main character decides to celebrate her birthday with friends, but they are noticed by Marina, whom she did not invite to the holiday. The next day at the university, Laura’s “friend” gives Laura a debriefing and a fight breaks out between the girls, as a result of which Marina’s physical flaw is discovered – a large bald spot on the back of her head. A little later, the latter literally bombards Laura with messages in which she sincerely apologizes. She doesn’t answer her and simply unfriends her. From that moment on, her life turns into a nightmare.

The next day, Laura learns that Marina committed suicide, having filmed the entire process. The scary video was eventually deleted, but some students managed to download it. The teacher warns: you don’t need to watch the video. Anyone who distributes it will be suspended from classes.

Liesl Ahlers of the film Friend Request
Liesl Ahlers played the role of Marina. Still from the film Friend Request

Laura thinks that she should tell the adults about the quarrel with Marina, but her friends are sure that there is no point in this, because the girl did not leave a suicide note. The only interpretation of the death of the strange girl, according to Laura’s friends, is that she was mentally ill and needed supervision. Laura has absolutely nothing to do with this.

In the evening, the girl, to her horror, receives a new message from Marina. It contains a video of her taking her own life. Tyler tries to delete the video, but it doesn’t work. Somehow, having gone viral, the video ends up on the main character’s page and the guys who watched it believe that Laura is the reason for Marina’s suicide.

In addition, the deceased somehow became Laura’s friend again, and it’s impossible to remove her from there. The police are beginning to take an interest in this case. After talking with Laura, the officers recommend that she delete the page, but this is also impossible.

Soon, under very strange circumstances, Isabel’s boyfriend, Gustavo, dies. Being in a state of shock, the girl blames her friend for his death. The video of the young man’s death also ends up on Laura’s page, and she again tries in vain to get rid of him. Laura’s reputation gradually deteriorates, and the number of her friends decreases. When she is suspended from classes under pressure from students, she begins to realize that there is a sinister hidden meaning to everything that happened.

Soon, with the help of Koby, the guy who has been trying to solve the problem with the video all this time, Laura begins to investigate Marina’s case. It turns out that she grew up in an orphanage and was bullied for a long time by two boys. They were soon found dead…

Connor Paolo of the film Friend Request
Connor Paolo stars as Kobe. Still from the film Friend Request

Meanwhile, Isabelle dies. The video of her death also ends up on Laura’s page and the police again begin to take an interest in the main character. By this time, Koby manages to find out that Marina was a witch. To take revenge on Laura, she performed a magical ritual, as a result of which she turned into a demonic creature. You can stop the witch only if you destroy an important witchcraft attribute – her laptop.

Soon, the demon that Marina has turned into attacks Laura’s second friend, Olivia. The girl realizes that she has very little time left, because she could become the next victim of the vengeful witch…

Friend Request Ending explained

Explanation of the ending of the picture. Towards the end, Laura and Koby travel to the place where Marina supposedly performed a terrible ritual.

The guys manage to find that same basement, and there Coby unexpectedly attacks Laura. Confident that everything will end with her death, he stabs her in the stomach. However, the girl manages to fight back and escape.

Soon the ghost of young Marina appears before Laura. The girl sadly tells her that she just wanted to be her best friend, and then disappears. Laura discovers the dead body of an adult Marina and her laptop. She does not have time to destroy him: a demon appears out of nowhere and attacks the girl.

Some time passes, and the surviving Laura tries to return to normal life. She returns to university, but everything goes wrong: no one wants to be friends with her, and she becomes an outcast. The meaning of the ending of the film “Friend Request” is that Laura is now in Marina’s place (according to another interpretation, the witch simply took over her body).

It is unknown whether the deaths of those around her will continue, but most likely, the witch wanted revenge not only on her failed friend, but on absolutely everyone. With her ritual, she created a kind of vicious circle from which there is no way out…

The meaning of the film Friend Request

Social networks have rapidly burst into our lives and it is no longer possible to ignore them: many people need them not only for communication and entertainment, but also for work.

At the beginning of the 2000s, of course, everything was somewhat different. One has only to remember how we reacted to Odnoklassniki, VK and FB. The uncertainty provoked by the factor of suspicious obscurity was followed by real delight: the Internet connected us with long-lost friends and helped us find new ones.

According to the majority, the passion for social networks is absolutely harmless – after all, it is not drugs or alcohol. However, it makes sense to recognize the fact that because of VK and other social networks, people have become completely different. The pursuit of online popularity forces many of us to regularly monitor our own page, post photos, videos and react to the content that others post. In this way, we observe a kind of Internet etiquette.

It often seems that such harmless things will never lead to something terrible, but the consequences – if not dramatic, then sudden – will be in any case. Since the very beginning of social networks, many have encountered fraud, extortion and even stalking. The darker sides of social networks are also known – in 2016-2020, a number of users committed suicide live…

Morgan and Marcum of the film Friend Request
Brit Morgan as Olivia, Brooke Marcum as Isabelle. Still from the film Friend Request

Cinema skillfully projects the expectations, desires, aspirations and fears of society onto film. In particular, the “Friend Request” tape quite interestingly plays up the situation with online permissiveness and at the same time teaches a very tough lesson. The director clearly demonstrates how social networks cultivate deceptive hope in us, and then destroy it and lead to something very bad.

The essence of the film lies not only in this. This is also a story about how quickly seemingly strong ties are destroyed and how a friend often turns out to be “suddenly”. Moreover, there is another important idea here, which can be formulated as follows: “do not do good, you will not receive evil.” Laura didn’t immediately reject Marina, she accepted the friend request and, out of the kindness of her heart, even tried to communicate with the freak girl who was in love with her. And yet, understanding this, we willy-nilly run into the director’s “super task”. He speaks quite unequivocally on the topic of the day and categorically states: Internet addiction is evil.

A person who hangs out on social networks often loses touch with reality and unwittingly devalues ​​what really matters – for example, the concept of friendship. This gives rise to a reason to think: are all these people from social networks really our friends or is this just an ordinary status?..

Friends in an abandoned place of the film Friend Request
Still from the film Friend Request (2016)

Similar films

Here are several films similar to the film “Friend Request” in meaning and partly in plot:

  • “Death on the Net” (USA, 2013). Using a webcam, the main character studies the habits of young people chatting. One day she witnesses a terrible crime.
  • “The Call” (USA, Japan, 2002). Journalist Rachel investigates mysterious deaths and finds a “cursed” tape: she learns that anyone who watches the tape will die within 7 days.
  • “Pulse” (USA, South Africa, 2006). The film talks about the dangers of wireless technologies connecting the world of the living with the world of the dead.

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