Fear of Rain Ending Explained: Why did the mom kill herself?

According to viewers and critics, the most curious feature of Castille Landon’s film is the absence of any template. The plot of the film Fear of Rain tells the story of the struggle with both external circumstances and internal demons. Therefore, this is not so much a thriller as a tenacious and strong drama with hidden meaning. Fear of Rain (2021): film plot analysis, ending description, meaning, similar movies.

Country: USA

Genre: thriller, drama

Year of production: 2020

Director: Castille Landon

Actors: Madison Iseman, Israel Broussard, Harry Connick Jr.

Slogan: “Some voices you can’t outrun”.

Plot of the film Fear of Rain

Brief description of the contents of the picture. The plot centers on a girl named Rain. She has been diagnosed with schizophrenia and has been trying to cope with her illness for three years, but therapy has not given any results.

One day, while talking with her doctor, Rain admits that she no longer takes the medications prescribed to her: in her opinion, they interfere with her creativity. “It doesn’t make any sense, I’m like a zombie – I can’t draw, I can’t feel anything,” she says. The doctor responds that in this case, a new relapse is not far off. After this, Raine will likely be sent for compulsory treatment.

The girl who was afraid of the film Fear of Rain
Madison Iseman as Raine Burrows. Still from the film Fear of Rain

A little later, Raine is discharged. She returns to school and soon sees a boy named Caleb in class, whom she has never met before. However, Rain is confused – she cannot understand whether her new acquaintance is real or whether he is simply part of a plot she has invented. The guy explains: he’s new, so Raine has never seen him before.

A little later, Rain meets a teacher, Miss McConnell, who lives in the house opposite. In her shopping cart she notices two bottles of wine and a children’s art set. All this looks nice, but strange: a woman who is at a deeply Balzacian age has neither a husband nor children…

Late that evening, Raine sees the silhouette of a little girl in Miss McConnell’s window and hears a child’s voice. The mother, who entered Raine’s room, observes nothing of the kind.

The next morning the girl goes to school and meets Caleb again, who invites her to leave lessons. Rain still thinks that the handsome young man is just a figment of her fantasies. However, she accepts his proposal and they go for a ride around the city. It starts to rain, and Rain’s psyche begins to fail again: the girl hears voices that assure her that she needs to leave – and as soon as possible. However, nothing bad happens and the day ends well.

In the evening, Raine looks out the window again and sees Miss McConnell holding a child. Alarmed, the girl tells her parents about this and the father expresses the following idea: in the morning he will visit his neighbor and try to find out something.

Israel Broussard of the film Fear of Rain
Israel Broussard as Caleb. Still from the film Fear of Rain

The next morning, Raine and her father actually go to the teacher, and she allows them to explore the attic, which, according to her, she has not entered in a very long time. There is nothing interesting, much less scary, in the attic – only old dolls, a sewing machine and a mannequin… Raine is sure that Miss McConnell is lying and is trying to talk to her doctor about it. However, she gives her own interpretation: the little girl in the attic is nothing more than the personification of Rain’s main fears.

At school, a girl has a nice conversation with Caleb and suddenly notices that everyone is looking sideways at her. She again thinks that the answer to the presence of this sweet young man in her secluded life lies in the fact that he is a figment of her sick imagination. However, she shares her suspicions about Miss McConnell with him, and Caleb suddenly agrees to help. After school, the guys go to the teacher’s house. While inspecting Miss McConnell’s home, in the kitchen they find a box of children’s cereal and a locked door…

Miss McConnell unexpectedly returns. Caleb and Rain hide and watch for a moment as the woman crunches dry cereal thoughtfully, and then slowly retreats. The next day, they decide to find out whether children have disappeared in the near future and find out that four-year-old Malia Robinson was abducted in February of this year.

A little later, Caleb learns about Raine’s illness and says that it doesn’t bother him at all. However, at school, the girl notices that no one else reacts to him except her and in the end she also tries to ignore him.

Late in the evening, a young man who does not understand anything comes to Rain’s house and calls her for a conversation. The girl says that, in her opinion, he does not exist. At this moment, they again hear a child’s voice coming from Miss McConnell’s house and Caleb suggests calling the police. However, Raine is sure that there is no point in this: after all, if this is just a hallucination, she will be sent to a psychiatric hospital.

Katherine Heigl of the film Fear of Rain
Katherine Heigl played the role of Michelle Burrows. Still from the film Fear of Rain

The guys decide to conduct an independent investigation and accidentally break a window in the garage. The teacher comes out in response to the noise and, seeing Rain running away, calls the police. The girl tries to explain to her angry father: she and Caleb saw a dollhouse in the garage window… But the man is categorical: Miss McConnell saw only her.

One evening, Caleb comes to Raine’s house. The guys communicate nicely and at some point the young man kisses her. The girl’s mother notices this, and she eventually realizes that the guy she likes is not a hallucination after all.

The next day, Caleb doesn’t come to school. Voices in Rain’s head claim that the young man does not exist after all. Moreover, they say that she is an ordinary madwoman and has no right to live. She begins to have terrible hallucinations, and a little later it turns out that her mother has been dead for a long time and she lives only with her father, who was simply playing along with her all this time.

Shocked, Raine flees the house. Having made her way to Miss McConnell through the garage, the girl again encounters a hallucination: she sees a small herself, who reports that there is no Malia. Then she sees her mother hanging in a noose and helps her get out. The hallucination says that if Rain wants, they can connect and be together forever. The voices in the girl’s head continue to insist that she must take her own life, but Rain still manages to cope with the obsession.

Towards the end of the picture, Miss McConnell appears at home. While she is having dinner, Rain manages to sneak into the secret room, where she discovers little Malia… Soon the teacher also comes there. Seeing Rain, she claims that the child is just a figment of her imagination…

Fear of Rain Ending explained

Explanation of the ending of the film. Suddenly, the woman is attacked by Caleb, who came from nowhere and fights with her. Rain grabs the baby and runs out into the street, where she runs into her father, who finally understands that everything the “crazy” daughter said is true.

A little later, Rain becomes convinced of Caleb’s reality. During the fight, the guy received several injuries. However, he holds up well and invites the girl on a date – of course, when he is discharged.

The next day, Rain and her father go to her mother’s grave and the girl admits that she no longer sees her, and the voices in her head have been getting quieter lately. However, a little later the hallucination returns: her mother tells Raine that she loves her and will always be there for her.

The point of the ending of Fear of Rain is that everything that happened to Rain was real. Her only constant hallucination was of her mother, who committed suicide three years ago. Essentially, the film is about Rain trying to process the tragedy and let it go. She succeeds only after investigating the case of the truly kidnapped Malia. At the end of the picture, the girl visits her mother’s grave and realizes that now she can cope with the disease.

The meaning of the film Fear of Rain

In their analysis, viewers note that the English title of the picture is just another beautiful rubbish. A more accurate translation of the original is: “What is Rain afraid of” (“Rain’s Fears”). This is important because the title is the essence of the film.

The movie begins strangely: a hooded stalker overtakes the running Rain and buries her alive. In the next scene we see the same Rain, whom the doctors are trying to save, and a little later it becomes clear that the film is mainly about the internal state of the main character: most likely, the pursuer is the personification of the girl’s illness.

pursuer-disease of the film Fear of Rain
Still from the film Fear of Rain

Suffering from schizophrenia, Rain desperately tries to understand what is reality and what is a hallucination. The difficulty lies in the fact that images of the past are constantly mixed in her mind with the present. However, the girl is almost sure of one thing: her neighbor really kidnapped little Malia. But if for her the question “was there a girl” is almost resolved, then we doubt it until the very end. Was it so?..

Yes, Miss McConnell did indeed kidnap the baby and hold her in her home. This becomes clear when Caleb comes to the girl’s aid – he was the only one who always believed her and also saw the child.

By the way, Miss McConnell is a very interesting antagonist. The teacher, an intellectual with pretensions to elitism, hides such fat cockroaches that it’s time to wonder who really has a “headache” – she or Rain, who has not harmed anyone and is constantly trying to help and save.

Each work carries some kind of message, and this movie is no exception. A touching story about a girl who struggled with her own fears shows that fighting for what you believe in is not only possible, but also necessary. This is exactly what the main character of the film did: she had a hard time, and yet she survived and defeated not only a monstrous lie, but also her own illness.

mother and daughter of the film Fear of Rain
Still from the film Fear of Rain

Similar films

Here are several films that are somewhat similar to this picture in plot and meaning:

  • Rear Window (USA, 1954). Having sustained a leg injury, the photojournalist finds himself confined to a wheelchair. Having nothing else to do, he begins to watch his neighbors.
  • Paranoia (USA, 2007). Young Cale’s life collapses in an instant: his father dies, and he himself finds himself under investigation. But one day he finds the culprit of his troubles – at least he is sure of it…
  • The Girl in the Window (Australia, 2022). Young Amy recently lost her father. Trying to somehow cope with the tragedy, she begins to spy on her neighbor, whom she suspects is a murderer who is keeping the entire city in fear.
  • The Girl on the Train (USA, 2016). Rachel watches the world from the train window. One day she notices something strange…

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