Countdown 2019 Movie Ending Explained (In Detail)

Many people want to know the date of their death, but will they like what they find out? The answer can be seen in the thriller-tinged horror film Countdown.


The plot of the film begins with a party where a group of friends gathered who accidentally stumbled upon an unusual app called Countdown. It promises to show the user the exact date of death. The guys decide to jokingly install it and see how much time is left for each of them. As a result, it turns out that one of her friends – Courtney (Anne Winters) – will soon be dead.

No one attached importance to the prediction, but by the end of the party, Courtney was afraid to ride in a car driven by her drunken boyfriend Evan (Dillon Lane). Instead, she walks home, feeling more and more worried. But it was not there – she receives a message about the violation of the “user agreement”.

Once in the safe (as it seemed to her) house, Courtney notices that time has come to an end. And suddenly a paranormal entity suddenly throws her up and throws her on the bathroom floor. She dies from a broken neck. At the same time, Evan has an accident where the front passenger seat is pierced by a tree branch. Here it is easy to understand that his beloved was not destined to survive.

The guy ends up in the hospital with serious injuries, where he meets a nurse named Quinn Harris (Elizabeth Lail). Evan tells her that he only has 19 hours left, just when he is scheduled for surgery. She tries to convince him of the falsity of the prediction and also downloads the ill-fated app. Terrifying figures are displayed on the screen: 2 days 22 hours 37 minutes.

Evan was frightened in earnest and three minutes before the expected date of death, he escapes from the hospital. And again he receives a terrible message about the violation of the agreement. The unfortunate encounters a dead Courtney on the stairs, who kills him.

After Evan’s death, the nurse was seriously worried – after all, the clock was ticking. She decides not to go with her sister Jordan (Talita Bateman) and her father to the cemetery to her mother’s grave. What does she get? Yes, the same message! But as luck would have it, the annoying application is not deleted and does not disappear even after acquiring a new smartphone.

After the demon Ozin attacks Harris in the car, she meets another victim – Matt (Jordan Calloway). The guy is also haunted by demons in the form of dead people after he cancels a trip to his aunt. He is destined to die a few hours before the nurse.

Young people go to the programmer Derek (Tom Segura) to get help and get rid of the application, and with it the demons. Derek hacks the app, adds more time to our heroes. Quinn learns that the sister is also in the database, her time is only three minutes short.

A little later, a dark entity pounces on the girl and it becomes clear that the counter has returned to its original position again. She goes after Jordan, because she is also in danger. Together they come to the pastor – Father John (P. Jay Byrne) – and he assures them that this is a curse and can be removed.

The priest tries to outsmart Ozin to delay Matt’s death, but Matt tricks him into luring him in, who dies on time. Quinn notices her sister is bleeding and takes her to the hospital.

There, she tries to kill Sullivan (Peter Facinelli) ahead of time, who also installed the app, but Ozin prevented her from doing so. Now he switched to Jordan, because it was her turn. Quinn suddenly injects himself with a lethal dose of morphine. The demon disappears.

The sister is crying at the body, when she suddenly notices an inscription on her hand and an ampoule with an antidote, injects it and the girl comes to life. They triumph, they managed to stay alive and defeat evil. It would seem to be a happy ending, but… A little later, the Countdown 2.0 update is downloaded to Quinn’s phone. Does this mean that we are waiting for the second part?
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The meaning of the film

A movie for non-horror fans. You don’t have to think much about it, look at the details. And its meaning can be seen in the palm of your hand: it is impossible to run away from your fate. How much fate was destined for a person, so much he will live.

And of course, advice for the future: read the user agreement, always!

Hero characteristics

  1. Quinn Harris. Her character blames herself for her mother’s death. A woman was hit by a drunk driver while she was looking for her eldest daughter, who ran away to a party. Suffering from sexual harassment from the boss – the doctor Dr. Sullivan, but fears publicity, as she recently received a license.
  2. Matt Monroe. His younger brother died in childhood. Their family was in the hospital a lot during their son’s illness. The teenager was jealous of everyone’s attention to his brother, so he stole a toy dinosaur robot from him.
  3. Jordan Harris. There was a split in their family after the death of their mother, but they are all burdened by tense relationships. She also feels guilty, because if she told where her sister went, her mother would not go looking for her and would not die.


In conclusion, I would like to add a few facts about this tape:

The app “Countdown” really exists. It is still available for download. It was created to promote the picture and I must say that it did a good job and is doing its job.

The “Countdown” notification sound is borrowed from Omnigul from “Destini”.

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