BloodshotMovie Ending Explained (In Detail)

Spoilers Alert:

The Vin Diesel action vehicle started shortly before the corona pandemic, ran aground in the cinema and was then quickly offered as video on demand. If BLOODSHOT is an entertaining investment, we reveal in our review.

“Bloodshot” particularly impresses with its striking trick effects.

All of this works together to make for a tough action experience, but it runs out of steam in the finale when the characters become more and more capable, the computer effects become more and more noticeable and the internal dramaturgy of the conflicts becomes more and more irrelevant. The third act of “Bloodshot” is about pointed, self-deprecating sayings from Lamorne Morris (“New Girls”) enriched, which, strictly speaking, dilutes the actual narrative concept behind the film with this comedic touch – but is welcome purely on the entertainment level because it outweighs the bustling action that no longer has any height to fall. Vin Diesel, on the other hand, trudges through the film in “xXx – The Return of Xander Cage” mode, which means that it is once again in the eye of the beholder whether he knows how absurd what is happening around him is, and the rest of the cast does not more than one group of keywords. Undoubtedly, “Bloodshot” could have been more – but also significantly less. The abandoned claim is made up for by a robust production, an original concept even in a watered-down state and a brisk narrative style. The bottom line is that this is a film that is a lot of fun to watch at home on a whimsical evening, even though the content is low. It’s like movie fast food with an extraordinary mix of spices that makes you think as you feast: Hey, you could have gotten more out of the taste.

Conclusion: “Bloodshot” is a brisk, low-maintenance action film that comments on clichéd, hollow revenge action films and also enriches it with a sci-fi superhero element. Could have been smart, but instead is strange, crisp, stupid.

“Bloodshot” is available to stream on providers such as Amazon Prime and iTunes.

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