Belleville Cop Movie Ending Explained (In Detail)

Spoilers Alert:

BELLEVILLE COP is an action comedy starring “Pretty Best Friends” star Omar Sy. In the role of an unconventional Parisian police officer, he ends up in the USA for a tricky case. In our review we’ll reveal what’s wrong with this film and why it still somehow works.

The Plot Summary

Baaba (Omar Sy) is a police officer in the multi-ethnic Paris district of Belleville who specializes in catching pickpockets. He still lives with his mother (Biyouna); is happy where he is and has no intention of changing anything about his situation. But then his childhood friend Roland (Franck Gastambide), who works as an agent for the diplomatic service in the French consulate in Miami, visits him. Roland reports on a drug ring that operates under the guise of a charity organization in Africa, Florida and Belleville. Shortly afterwards, his friend is shot in front of Baaba’s eyes. In order to take over the case, Flic is transferred to Miami – with his mother in tow. There he is given the local Detective Garcia (Luis Guzmán), who only reluctantly welcomes him, as his partner and supervisor. Together, the team, which initially argues incessantly, sets out to investigate. Not only do they get closer and closer to each other, but they also quickly get closer to the criminals…

Movie explanation of the ending

The film title and the poster, which is also reminiscent of “Beverly Hills Cop”, make it clear: The French-American co-production “Belleville Cop” is a homage to the US action comedies and buddy films, which are dominated by casual sayings and elaborate stunts. Cop thrillers from the eighties and nineties. Like the Eddie Murphy classic, this is about a police officer who does his job in a highly unorthodox but surprisingly efficient way. At his side is a second cop who is not particularly enthusiastic about his colleague’s methods, but still faithfully watches his back. Similar to the “Lethal Weapon” and “Bad Boys” series with Mel Gibson and Danny Glover or Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, which are repeatedly referenced in the dialogues, each of the two unequal investigators would have no chance on their own. Only together can they survive and solve their case.

Baaba (Omar Sy) on the chase in Miami.

The turbulent plot begins in the Chinese quarter of the eponymous district of Paris before heading to sun-drenched Florida and finally to West Africa. While Belleville and Miami “play” themselves, the scenes that take place in the fictional state of Daloa were filmed in Colombia. But that’s not a problem, on the contrary: everywhere the crew finds wonderfully varied, interesting and authentic motifs that contribute a lot to the impressive visual value of the film. And the supporting actors alongside Sy and Guzmán are also remarkably top-class. Eriq Ebouaney, who plays the villain and drug lord, is well known to thriller fans from hits like “3 Days To Kill”, “Hitman” and “Transporter 3”. Julie Ferrier plays the strict consul in Miami (“Micmacs – We Own Paris!”, “The Contract Lover”)while Baaba’s eccentric mom is embodied by the singer and comedian Biyouna, who has enjoyed almost iconic status in France and North Africa for decades.

The Algerian-born Parisian Rachid Bouchareb (“Days of Glory”) So far he has made ten feature films as a director and author – none of them were comedies. Although he got help from “Only 48 Hours” writer Larry Gross, this fact is evident in his script, which at times seems quite thrown together. The filmmaker’s lack of experience in this genre cannot be overlooked, especially in some of the physical comedy moments that appear labored and poorly staged. There’s just a lack of proper timing. With Pretty Best Friends star Omar Sy as French Hallodri and Luis Guzmán (“Boogie Nights”) In the role of his over-correct American counterpart, however, he has two leading actors in front of the camera who are highly experienced in light subject matter. As reported from the set, both loved to improvise within the scenes and especially in their dialogues. And Bouchareb wisely let them do it. The main actors give the film a relaxed, spontaneous touch that has a positive effect on the end result.

Baaba and Ricardo (Luis Guzmán) enjoy the cigars.

Sy and Guzmán, who were completely unknown to each other before filming began, obviously had a lot of fun on their first appearance together. The duo exudes a lot of charm with their interaction and this chemistry is immediately transferred to the audience. It’s easy to ignore the various small to huge logical holes in the script: Why is a common patrol officer assigned to such a large-scale investigation against an internationally operating drug ring all alone? Why is he allowed to take his mother with him? Why is an official who doesn’t give a damn about existing laws and regulations still on the job? And so on. In the event of a possible continuation, it would be advisable to have the American come to Paris and thus redistribute the positions. There would definitely be potential for further trials, tribulations and complications with this team. But perhaps it would be better to have someone with more experience in this area take the director’s chair.

Conclusion: This turbulent action comedy is far from being a really good film. However, it is at least entertaining and is really fun thanks to the main actors. That’s more than can be said for many much more sophisticated canvas works. “Belleville Cop” is ideal as a harmless date movie or simply as a way to switch off your brain.

“Belleville Cop” can be seen in USA cinemas from January 31st.

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