The Angry Birds Movie 2 Ending Explained (In Detail)

Spoilers Alert:

The first part proved three years ago that definitely not every internet trend should get its own film, the sequel shows ANGRY BIRDS 2 – THE MOVIE. Well, a similar basic idea can create a passable film if you take criticisms to heart and put a little more creativity into the story. We reveal what we mean by this in our review.

The nasty Zeta (Christiane Paul) and her eagles…

The plot summary

When a new threat emerges that endangers both the Island of the Birds and the Island of the Pigs, feathered friends recruit Red (Christoph Maria Herbst), Chuck (Axel Stein), Bombe (Axel Prahl) and Mighty Eagle (Smudo) Chuck’s smart sister Silver (Anke Engelke) and the pigs Leonard (Ralf Schmitz), his assistant Courtney and the technology nerd Garry team up. Together they forge a shaky truce and form an unusual super team to save their home from the – in the truest sense of the word – ice-cold Zeta (Christiane Paul), who is after the home of the bird and the pig…

The Angry Birds 2 Movie Meaning & ending

After the first screenings of the animated film sequel “Angry Birds 2 – The Movie”, some colleagues from overseas were carried away with the seemingly absurd statement that it was a sequel to the (and successful) smartphone app adaptation “Angry Birds – The Film”, which was released worldwide in 2015 Compared to its predecessor, it is comparable to “The Godfather 2”. Of course, that’s nonsense at first – but then again, it’s not if you simply base this comparison on the fact that in the case of this film series, the second part is significantly better than the first. Of course, one could have consulted various other franchises with strong sequels to make the same statement; In the animated film segment alone, something like “Toy Story” or “How to Train Your Dragon” is an option. But of course that wouldn’t cause half as much of a stir. So what can he do now, this “Godfather 2” of animated film history? It’s actually better than part one – much better in fact! But considering the simply lame predecessor, this verdict shouldn’t be too much of a surprise. But even if you ignore the comparison between parts one and two, “Angry Birds 2” finally comes close to the anarchic, chatty pleasure that we would have wanted three years ago.

The chicks, along with Bombe (Axel Prahl), Red (Christoph Maria Herbst) and Chuck (Axel Stein).

For all readers who are not that deeply into the smartphone game business, a quick explanation: In 2009, an artillery computer game called “Angry Birds” was released for various operating systems, but it has achieved cult status, especially on smartphones around the world and has grossed over $350 million to date. The game is about using stone (or better: bird) slingshots to hurl funny-looking feathered platypuses against the wooden dwellings of your enemies. In addition to the classic “Angry Birds,” there were soon also special editions, including “Star Wars” and “Transformers.” “Angry Birds 2” was released in August 2010 – a continuation of the game, which, however, has nothing to do with the film “Angry Birds 2 – The Movie” that is now in cinemas. The animated short film miniseries for the game will also remain untouched for the second film. Instead, the sequel is a direct continuation of Red’s adventure from part one, who protected his own island from the nasty pigs in the finale of “Angry Birds – The Movie” (a bit like in the game). In the sequel, this victory of the birds over the pigs is still celebrated – but from now on the feathered fellows have to work together with the socket noses to protect both of their islands from an even greater danger.

At least for the intended, but rather young, target group, this train of thought seems remarkably complex. Because even if the pigs were never established as really dark, let alone violent figures, and comedian Ralf Schmitz (“Playmobil – The Movie”) also took on the dubbing role of the leader pig Leonard, comedian Ralf Schmitz (“Playmobil – The Movie”), so far the birds have predominantly been the good guys this story. The fact that the good guys now have to team up with the (sort of) bad guys is a good premise. The screenwriter trio of Peter Ackerman (“Ice Age”) , Eyal Podell and Jonathon E. Stewart (who wrote the script for “Smallfoot” together ) enjoys this relatively complex constellation of characters for a pleasantly long time; When the pigs try to come into contact with the birds several times at the beginning, they initially only suspect that they are using a trick to attack the bird island from an ambush. It takes a long time before you can fully accept that the two parties have to stick together from now on – and in between there are always moments that the film builds up as if Leonard were dealing with a traitorous pig. But we can reveal this much: That’s not him. Instead, he goes on a road trip with his new friends Red, Chuck, Bombe, Mighty Eagle and Silver to the icy island of the enemy Zeta. And even though the film largely follows the formula of a stage-like road movie, in the course of which the troupe is confronted with various obstacles, the makers sprinkle enough working gags into the plot that it always remains entertaining and entertaining for an adult audience.

While the wordplay – especially in the USA dub – doesn’t always work properly (also because “Angry Birds 2” is once again one of those films in which the makers believe that pop culture references alone would be enough to make older viewers laugh bring) – it is above all the slapstick and physical humor that enriches the CGI comedy immensely. When the friends squeeze into an eagle costume to sneak past the stupid guards in Zeta’s fortress, a fine sense of timing goes hand in hand with an optimal eye for visual comedy. The finale is also extremely entertaining due to its high pace and various varied, creative ideas, while in a very successful subplot three baby birds try to save their unborn siblings – and if the authors cleverly combine this subplot with the actual plot As you know, “Angry Birds 2” even seems really smart in terms of narrative for a moment. But here and there those in charge also go overboard with their courage to commit anarchy. In particular, the musical (dance) interludes seem a little too ingratiating to a young target group to be able to integrate harmoniously into the rest. By the way, none of this has any impact on the strong speaker performance. “Angry Birds 2” can be done with Christoph Maria Herbst (“Stromberg”)Axel Stein (“The Goldfish”) and above all Christiane Paul (“The Vampire Sisters 3 – Journey to Transylvania”) have a cast that performs passionately behind the microphones. But at this level one could not be blamed at all.

Conclusion: “Angry Birds 2 – The Movie” is far better than the boring first part and is particularly pleasing in its radically anarchic moments. Outstandingly funny slapstick scenes make up for the failures in wordplay. And the rather simple plot is offset by the strong voice performances.

“Angry Birds 2 – The Film” can be seen in USA cinemas nationwide from September 19th.

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