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explainedfilms.com is the leading online magazine for all things film. A young, film-loving team of more than 3 employees and 5 freelance journalists provides interested users with all the important information and news about the latest films in cinemas, on DVD and on TV – up-to-date, competent and entertaining. Contents, detailed own reviews as well as press and viewer reviews belong to the permanent offer. There is also further background information such as reports, photos, text and video interviews as well as film and biographies of the stars involved in front of and behind the camera. In addition, the explainedfilms.com team reports almost in real time on the most important events in the film world, such as festivals and award ceremonies.

While explainedfilms.com was initially focused mainly on reviews of current cinema films, the magazine has changed over time into a film magazine with a wide range of topics, which now includes different facets of the entertainment sector, such as DVDs, TV series and video magazines , busy.

In addition to the editorial content, there is an extensive range of services with trailers in HD quality, charts, the cinema program for the whole of USA and direct references to the films on TV, for distribution and for sale (on DVD or online). The explainedfilms.com database now contains information on more than 100 films, plus 10 star pages including filmographies, entries on over 25 TV series and 75 cinema addresses.

For mobile users, explainedfilms.com is also available as an app for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone etc., with an optimized search engine and GPS-supported cinema search. A dedicated team takes care of the Internet community via Facebook and Twitter. In addition, visitors to the portal can take part in sweepstakes and register for RSS feeds and e-mail newsletters.

explainedfilms.com was founded in 2022 by the journalist George Dawson and the freelancer Anna Voigt as a portal for friends of good film and is now one of the top addresses among the online magazines for those interested in film, with extensive information about the innovations in cinemas and on television and on DVD or Blu-ray. In January 2022, 0.35 million visits and 0.60 million PIs were recorded (source: IVW). explainedfilms.com GmbH

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