A Classic Horror Story Movie Ending Explained (In Detail)

The classic horror story from the Italian filmmakers may well appeal to fans of horror films.

Judge for yourself. Here you have elements of the popular “Saw”, and “Wrong Turn”, and “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”. It’s already breathtaking. It’s scary, creepy, and even if it’s incomprehensible in places, but it’s mysterious and interesting, and the very expectation that something unpleasant is about to happen keeps the nerves in suspense.


The storyline of the film develops according to the following scenario. A group of complete strangers embark on a trip to the south of Italy. Each of them travels on business. The journey ends abruptly. Trying to go around a dead animal lying on the road, the driver of the van loses control, an accident occurs.

As the plot unfolds, we can observe quite the usual classics of a real horror movie: a wrong turn, a remote outskirts with no signs of life, an escalating situation, the sudden appearance of some strange masked people out of nowhere, chasing the main characters and killing their. The brutality of scenes of violence in places looks terribly unpleasant, a lot of blood. Banality, lack of novelty, but bright, beautiful and revealing. In general, the events that unhurriedly developed at the beginning, by the middle, are already quickly turning into a tough struggle for survival.

The meaning of the film

When watching a film, the viewer may get the impression that the creators did not bother too much with the plot, resulting in a banal imitation. But these impressions can be deceiving, especially after watching the first half of the horror movie. In fact, the whole essence of the film lies in presenting the usual genre clichés in a completely different light and immersing the audience in a harsh social satire.

The climax of the tape makes you think: what are the authors trying to convey to us? With directors Roberto de Feo and Paolo Strippoli, the horror story has taken on the image of a bizarre hybrid, with the help of which they attempted to understand what is the role of the Italian horror film in the culture of the nation. At first, the film lures with scenes from a purely American horror film, then after a while a lot of things immediately fall on the viewer: insane and bloodthirsty killers, scenes with dismemberment, rituals, savages. In general, the creators imitate the style used in traditional films of this genre.

And let the key plot not shine with novelty, but the approach to the final denouement is quite creative. It is worth paying tribute to their imagination. Not only do they study the philosophy of the hypocrisy of modern society throughout the film, but they also show plot tropes in an unusual way for the viewer. A simple message is hidden here: a wave of violence has swept over humanity, and it has crossed all boundaries of what is permitted and what is not permitted.

Characteristics of heroes

Separately, I want to talk about the characters. Before us appear characters completely different in character and habits – representatives of various social strata, following their own specific rules of life. All of them are unique in their own way. What is a driver who is keen on watching a movie worth. He is accompanied by a couple of lovers, a doctor and a student.

Indecisive and timid student Eliza (Mathilde Lutz) recently found out that she will become a mother. She wants to get to her parents as soon as possible and decides to hitchhike. She will have to study her fellow travelers, as there are hidden personalities among them.

The young driver Fabrizio (Francesco Russo) is behaving strangely. Quiet in appearance, he turns out to be not quite the one for whom he so diligently pretends to be.

No less interesting and in their own way are the frivolous young people in love with each other Mark (Will Merrick) and Sophia (Julia Sobol).

A doctor named Riccardo, played by Peppino Mazzotta, is a gloomy character burdened with his own problems.


The classic horror story will appeal to fans of horror films. Maybe it will turn into a cult thing. In the meantime, after one viewing, it is unlikely that you will want to return to it again.

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